Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Bottom of this Glass is Filled with Truth

Ugh.  It's still the Best Of Freebeer and Hotwings. When do they come back!?!

Both my mom and sister asked me if I still blog even though I'm off facebook.  Well, I don't and I do want too.  Why did I stop?  Well, in part, my world got a lot smaller when I moved.  Every stranger I run into here is potentially someone's family member and I will see them again.  Or, the person behind the counter will be behind the counter for the next 10 to 15 years.  So, instead of complaining about everything, I have to learn how to write about the positive experiences I have.  And then, I find that what I find and think is positive, others take as an insult and wish I had never said anything.

I'm also tired.  I don't think I'm that funny any more.  I have found that I no longer think what I say is worth saying in a blog.  I'm just going to bore you.  I have run out of practice of writing.

So, I'm going to continue trying.  I didn't get good over night.  I started out blogging every day for a year when I was a sophomore in college, so...12 yrs ago?  Maybe 13.  Back what I was young and niave.

I've also spent the last three years figuring out who I was and I didn't want people to know about that process.  I guess.  I just feel that I retreated into myself once I moved.

Here are Deep Thoughts:
1.  Why use a furniture protector if you never wash it or move it off the furniture? Why not just buy  ugly cheap furniture?  Instead of covering your nice furniture with something ugly?  Or, just get it over with and get the plastic protectors.
2.  You can't belong somewhere if you can't pick a side.

That's about it.  I forgot my actual deep thought.

Josh's birthday was yesterday.  I made a cake and dinner in 1 and a half hours.  I used an extra half cup of shredded carrots in the carrot cake.  It was a good thing.  The cake is so moist and one of the best ones I've ever made.  I got him pants.  Lilly saw me ordering them online, and then when they came in, she yells, DAD YOUR PANTS ARE HERE!  And she wouldn't stop talking about his pants to him.  What he didn't know is that it was Pants as in two pair, not one. He got some other stuff and some stuff wasn't delivered in time.  So he is having an extended birthday week.

He also went back to work yesterday for the first time in 3 weeks...on his birthday.  It was an exciting day for him though.  He got transferred off his expected station and was wanted to help in the palletizer all day.  The paletizer (I have no idea how to spell it) is the area where all the baby food that has been packaged and boxed up to be shipped out is stacked up on large wooden pallets and wrapped in plastic and then sent to the warehouse.  On a good day when it all works, all Josh has to do is print out a sticker and stick it every 4 minutes.  He reads Romance of the Three Kingdoms in between that on the computer. I think it took him 1.5 yrs to finish the book.  I don't know what he reads now. Anyways, while everyone was gone for 3 weeks, they reprogrammed the paletizer computers to do things in a safer way...I think.  So everything was messed up, as one would expect.  The engineers and the mechanics and Josh all worked together to try to get it to work.  He says that a photoeye didn't work right at one point and a wooden pallet got crushed into smithereens in the machinery.  He said it was one of the most terrible noises he's ever heard.

Since that last sentence and now, hours have past.  I have changed 3 or 4 diapers of varying sizes.  I have read one long fairy tale and 4 other stories.  All out loud.  I have taken temperatures, I have filled sippy cups.  I have nursed. I have rescheduled meetings.  I have checked in with my husband.

I have not cleaned my house.  I have not done the dishes.  I have not emptied the diaper garbage.  I have not showered. I have not dressed.  I have not eaten my own lunch.

I DID DRINK MY COFFEE.  That is top importance.  Gotta feed the government approved addiction.

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