Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Breakfast For Dinner El Popular Style

Following, you are small.  Smaller than in the past, but still my Following, willing to do what I say and be under my influence.  Hhhmm...I used to be better at talking about how through you I would rule the world.  Growing up ruined my sarcasm I think...and my desire to rule the world.

Sometimes I despise Trump for being so exhausting.  Alternative facts, my ass.

I don't think that word means what you think it means.

Yesterday I thought I did good on my list of To-Do's I made.  Turns out, just so so.  I did not complete the laundry tasks.  All I was able to do was get Damian's clothes put away.  I still have Lilly's and ours.  I did not do any budget management either.  I still feel good about what I did though because I worked nonstop!  It takes hours to get me and Lilly dressed, constantly feed all of us.  Seriously.  By the time I finish our morning snack time (which is large because we do a tiny early breakfast), it's lunchtime.  Then, once that is done and cleaned up, it's time to start dinner.  Dinner tonight will be easier because we are eating sorta left overs from yesterday.

For dinner I made huevos con chorizo with a black bean sauce.  Huevos con chorizo is Spanish for Eggs with chorizo.  Chorizo is spicy Mexican sausage, and it's delicious!  The brand Bill's sells (SURPRISE! They actually sell it), is El Popular.  Josh and I laughed over that.  It's literally called The Popular Chorizo.  This is good for me though because once in Nashville I bought chorizo from a world grocery store (complete with giant totes of live fish) and it was gross.  It was slimy and made of pig cheeks and lips.  Too authentic for me.  Give me the El Popular brand any day.

This dinner was delicious and the black bean sauce was easy: Blend 2 cans of black beans with 2 Tbspn of pickled jalepeno juice and 2 Tbspn of the sauce in a chipotle in Adobo can, and one cup chicken broth.  Bam! Sauce.  I added some salt too.  Then you pour it on top of scrambled eggs and fried up chorizo on a corn tortilla.  Basically we had breakfast for dinner.  Tonight, all I have to do is make scrambled eggs again.

I've heard of Breakfast for Dinner but growing up I dont' think we had it, or if we did, it was only once or twice.  Same with Josh, so he says.  We have it quite often here.  Breakfast is easy to make, easy to add things too, and delicious when it's not breakfast time.  I do not like breakfast foods in the morning.  I only like deserts or yogurt in the morning.  Also, Lilly likes scrambled eggs, pancakes, toast, and cereal...and sometimes, why not just make what she'll eat?  I bought some baby spinach and I'm trying to work it into foods so we can get some leafy greens.  Josh doesn't like it on his sandwiches, but if I put a thin layer I tell him he can't taste it and to suck it up and eat it like a man.  It's for Health.

Here is today's ToDo list.  I'm not sure if I can manage as much, my headache is pretty bad this morning.

-put away Lilly's clothes
-fold one load of laundry
-go to tamarac
-call chiropractor
-do dishes
-feed family lunch, breakfast, dinner
-manage budget

Here is a list of things I want to do:
-vacuum the couch, specifically the dusty arms and top of it
-print out printables for my planner
-gather tax documents into one spot
-Do taxes

Now that I look at this, I think I might switch some things up on the lists.  We'll see.

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