Monday, January 16, 2017

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Saturday I forgot I was going to march for peace and decided that Lilly and I were going to do art at the artsplace.

I spent over an hour getting everyone ready and when we got there 20 min late, we were too late to start on the project and do the art.  I knew this.  I knew this when we were leaving hte house.  I knew this before we started getting ready.  I knew this when we walked in. If you are late, you don't get to do art.  Explaining this to Lilly did NOTHING to help her speed up, focus, stop crying and whining.  Nothing went right. we were about to leave, I realized that we hadn't eaten anything for breakfast! No wonder we were both cranky and unhappy. I got us to eat a half a graham cracker each.  I had to beg Lilly to take just one bite, and she finally did and it did make her feel better.

So when we got to the Artsplace and I found out through a sweet wonderful woman that I could not do the art, I broke down and just started crying giant silent tears.  I had worked so hard to get us there and still failed.  Lilly didn't even notice that we couldn't do the art project and was happy to paint some clay instead. The woman helped get Lilly ready and set up and that was so nice.  I painted an electrical outlet plate.  I painted it yellow iwth red blood dripping down.  I was feeling dark and unhappy.  Lilly painted an airplane and a truck.

Lilly wore her new dress I knitted for her for the first time yesterday.  It's a beautiful dress, but it's big/heavy on her.  I need to sew a liner into the collar to help prevent it from stretching.

Time to clean now.

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