Sunday, January 29, 2017

Today is a little lacking.

My son is being entertained by a stuffed Totoro.  I'm so happy.

I have a third baby for the next three weeks.  He's larger than Damian and smaller than Lilly, has the personality of a grumpy old man and is covered in a ridiculous amount of orange and white fur.  It's ACKBAR! I know he prefers the woods and the outdoors, but he misses us and he enjoys his yearly winter visit to the city.

My mom sent me a disturbing text this morning.  She explained to Lilly that she can't let cats outside b/c cats can get hit by cars.  She asked Lilly what happens when a cat gets hit and Lilly goes "Squish".  My mom didn't explain what squish means, but texted me to let me know I should probably do it.  Thanks, mom.

I want to write about my visit from my sister in law or I want to write about resistance and nonviolence.  Science.  How Trump makes me feel sick in the heart.  How he is "wrong" like how the Uncanny Valley is 'Wrong" or clowns are "wrong". But I'm too tired for that. I'll just set out my goals:

1.  Make more phone calls to my representative
2.  Find out where Huisinga (my rep) eats lunch and when so the public can come talk to him, and then go talk to him.
3.  Continue on my planner/printables schemes.  So far, it's all crap.
4.  Clean the house more.
5.  Get rid of more stuff so that I don't feel so crazy in my own house b/c it's so cluttered.
6. Find the bumpo seat
7.  Go to the tamarac

This list turned into a goals list with a todo list.  That's no good.

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