Friday, January 29, 2010

It was suppose to snow last night/this morning...and so far...not a flake.  All the schools were closed...all of them in middle Tennessee.  ALL OF THEM.  And yet I'm still here at work.  It was suppose to start with rain, then move to freezing rain, and then snow.  It was going to be bad. 


I get to go home at 11:00....  I just got the email.

That's what bothers me.  I have to wake up, drive here, do no work (because 1. it's friday 2.  I do my best work after 11:00 anyways), and then drive home in the freezing rain.  Goodness, there is no making me happy is there.  And I was lying, I do my best work between 9 and 11 anyways.  Honostly.

Last night I went out to eat with some friends.  I was a little stressed out because I've been so tired this week and I went out on Tuesday night too.  We decided to go to La Hacienda which is a delicious Mexican place on Nolensville Road, but it's also the "white" mexican place on that road.  It's where all the whites go...the mexican's get their tacos from the Taco Trucks.   I can't wait until I get a taco from one of them!  So we get to La Hacienda and it's closed.  Like closed closed where the sign is taken down and there is a small crane thing out front.  This was pretty sad because I really did enjoy the one time we ate there before.  It was amazingly good.  We had to switch our plans on the fly and ended up going to an Ethiopian place that was literally around the corner.

It's called Gojo Ethiopian and it was amazing and sooo relaxing.  The server guy, who I suspect is the owner, was nice, joked around with us, and was just pleasant.  He took forever to take our order and bring us our checks and even pick them up.  This was perfect because we took forever doing all of that too because we were so busy talking.  The night I was stressing about turned out wonderful.  I must say I was only stressing because I'm a big baby, and they were only little stresses.

I also got to bed by 9:40 and was able to get a full 8 hours of sleep...i think.  I kept on waking up and it didn't seem so restful.  But it was sort of like Christmas Eve...I couldn't wait to see all the snow in the morning and sleep in and have a snow day.  I even dreamed that 6 inches of snow fell.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Evading Full Service

The other day I spent all day reading Jurassic Park during a tornado warning for some part of TN and there was a tornado touch down confirmed.  I was very nervous about driving out into to the tornado and I was very scared of raptors jumping out of all the closets in my apartment and eating me.    So I was spooked and I had to drive to Tamara's boyfriend's house to watch the game.  It was dusk and windy and freaky-right-before-a-storm out and I could perfectly visualize a t-rex in the trees.  And then I realized I forgot my phone and had to walk through it all again back to my apartment from my truck.  Finally, ready to go and hopefully raptor free, I decided to stop for gas.  The gas meter gets stuck and I was just under 1/2 a tank, but I thought I should be more so...which I was. So I stopped, got out of my car, and a guy leaped out of no where asking me if I wanted complete service for a little change.  I froze.  Maybe if I didn't move he wouldnt' see me, just like the dinosaurs.  I didn't know if he worked there and I accidentally picked the full service gas pump, but I knew that couldn't be it because this is Antioch.  No one here wants that.  I told him I didn't have any change, which is true, I survive solely off plastic. 

That's a lie, I did have some cash on me, but I wasn't going to give it to him!  First of all, I'd have to open and unscrew the gas cap b/c it locks and I have the key to unlock it, and second of all, why would I pay to have someone wash my windows? That's my favorite part of getting gas!  The whole thing was very awkward...I could appreciate what he was doing...trying to work for his money, I just don't like to be caught unawares.  Plus he had a very nice coat on, he didn't look too homeless...not that that matter much.  I was just afraid of dinosaurs and very confused.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Save Ourselves Not Earth

I got into a really neat discussion on facebook the other week with some people about how no matter how much humans screw up the Earth and the environment, the Earth will survive and live on, even if people die (probably especially if humans die off) and that I find that comforting.  Some people thought this wasn't very nice of me to say, that I hoped humans died of asphyxiation.  Which is not what I said, I just meant that everytime I see my neighbors warming up their car in 40 degree weather for five minutes I don't go apeshit and start hyperventilating because THEY ARE DESTROYING THE ENVIRONMENT AND ADDING TO GLOBAL WARMING.  Instead I take a few deep breaths and remember that compared to the Earth, humans are just a small fart.

Side note:  I hope humans die out from a supervolcano eruption, preferably Yellowstone.  Oh man I'd be there for that, no doubt.

I finished Jurassic Park, and if you can believe it, Ian Malcom (played by Jeff Goldbloom in the movie) put into words much better than I could about how the Earth will survive.  I would copy it here for you but it took him 2.5 pages to do it and I'm not retyping all of that.  I think it's pages 367-369 so you can go check in your copy.  Everyone in my following has a copy of Jurassic Park right? 

From my memory what he said is that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old...and in the beginning oxygen was a toxic gas, but life adapted to it and survived...and it is still a corrosive gas, like fluorine, we're just used to it.  Then large insects came and went, and large sea animals came and went, and then the dinosaurs came and went, and then large mammals came and went, and now the humans come and soon we'll go.  He says that no matter what we do...nuclear bomb everything completely, in time life will continue onwards and re-evolve into something even different than it is now.

But if you want to save the Human Race then  we must save the environment.

Here's proof that Earth will survive.  About 30,000 million years give or take after earth formed a GIANT asteroid hit Earth at an angle, instantly evaporating all of the rocks.  There was an atmosphere of silica which is the main component of most all our rocks.  The asteroid continued onwards, but became stuck in a new orbit around Earth.  We now call this asteroid the moon.  Life grew from a planet that was at one point gaseous silica.  There is even thoughts/arguments that life existed before the moon hit earth and then had to start over!

This is just so exciting!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

RrrAWWRrrr Velociraptor Attack!!!!!

Sometimes I get annoyed at Facebook.  Today is one of those times.  It's just too much.  Too many people, too many words, too many opinions.  It's this big mass of people and thought that's uncontrolled.   Oh well, I'll get over it.

Josh says that in 10 yrs there won't be enough airwaves left to support how many cell phones there will be.  That's something.

We put my bedskirt on my bed today.  It's pretty cheap looking, but I like it.... I don't want to give my bed airs or anything.

Oh yeah, yesterday Josh officially got his Associate's degree and got his transcript updated!  So now he is Associate Josh and I am Master Lindy. 

I'm reading Jurassic Park right now by Micheal Crichton.  It's an AWESOME book.  It deals with several of my favorite things:
1.  Geologists albeit paleontologists
2.  Dinosaurs
3.  Ian Malcom whom I will always picture as Jeff Goldbloom
4.  Fractals
5.  Chaos theory - which is not my favorite but Dr. Ian Malcom is constantly relating it to using math to study turbulance and the weather...some of my more favorite subjects to ponder and study on the reminds me of Dr. Furbish
6.  Dinosaurs
7.  Velociraptors - even though they scare me

I love it when movies and books are able to apply the science well enough that you don't see through it.  That's what Mr. Crichton is able to do in this book.  I think he does it in his other books as well, but I haven't read them so I don't know for sure.  Avatar was not necessarily written by I scientist I think, but they definitely had consultants to help make it more believable.

I think velociraptors are probably some of the scariest things out there.  The book describes them as even faster and smarter than the movie does.  This is probably because the mind can imagine it so, while robotic velociraptors probably just can't move fast enough.  I remember when that movie came out.  My dad took my siblings and I to see it in the theatre and it was soooo awesome!  I was also too scared to go outside alone for a week after that.  And then at night I would remember all the times I was outside alone or near the woods and would imagine how easy it was be for a T-Rex to leap out and eat me.  Or the spitting one with the neck flaps that killed Newman.   That's the worst dinosaur there is!  I still don't watch that scene.  Then Good Morning America did a peice on the movie exploring how they made the dinosaurs and how they made them so realistic.  And it's still realistic, even though they didn't use computer animation!  That's what's so amazing.  Sometimes I think computer animation takes away from the creativity of movies...but I also think that's changing.  It's a new medium and people are still exploring what they can do with it.  Soon someone will do it right and it'll be awesome.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Excited For The Mail

Last year Josh and I went as Damn Liberals for Halloween.  I'm not sure that the hardcore Texan closet republicans knew what to make of it, but I suspect they were offended.  Just for good measure of course.

It rained and thunderstormed all day yesterday, and I think may again today.  That's okay with me.

I exercised for one hour yesterday and the day before!  Today I am going to go on a 1/2 hr walk on the elliptical I think, and then play racket ball when I get home.  And maybe sit in the sauna my apartment complex provides but I always forget about.

Today I think I look cute, but I also feel a little witchy.  It's because I am wearing ankle boots with a short skirt.  I'm not particularly a fan of ankle boots without jeans.  Anyways, it's a new dress I got at TJ Max.  It's brown,green,cream plaid, and cowgirl ish.  It stops at my knees and is a v-neck.  I found a cream belt I had to wear with it and it looks a lot better.  It's a large and I think that's why I don't like fits me well, but it doesn't accentuate my features.  Oh well, it was on clearance and it works for at work.  I can also wear my brown tights underneath for warmth. 

I get 25$ gift cards to from my credit card and sometimes I have a hard time using them.  I think that I need to get the best thing possible for my money or something I actually need to save money since it's basically free.  And it stresses me out and then I don't use them.  So last night, I had 2, and I just picked out things I want!  I got some stuff I need (cableing needles), and some stuff I want.  I got some more princess books, books on many different ways to cable knit, a book on FaireIsle Knitting which I've been wanting, a mini-flower press b/c it was the cheapest thing I could find and would knock me into free shipping, a book that describes different people you see in large comedic stereotypes, and maybe another princess book.  I'm pretty pumped and can't wait for it to come in!  5-7 days.  Shipping sure has gotten a lot faster.  I think it's the processing the order time that has been greatly reduced I think.

Last night in WoW, Josh and I attacked an elite volcano elemental who just wouldn't take any damage.  It was an epic 5 min. battle where both of us ran out of mana and he threw me off the side of the volcano mountain.  It was intense.  We kicked his ass in the end, and all he gave us was some tar pitch.  I think we may have to kill him again for a quest because there is a trunk in his cave that we can't open...and we are on a quest chain in that area too.  When he came back to life (nothing in WoW stays dead for long), a human palidan came along and killed him sooo fast!  But he was 8 levels above Josh and I, and did drop down to 100 hitpoints.  I contemplated taking him out while he was weak...but decided to be nice.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Prank Calling A Town

The town of Goodlettesville has a commercial on tv and it ends with a phone number. Josh and I always want to prank call Goodlettesville.  Side note: I'm spelling Goodlettesville wrong and the number one suggestion I get, when I right click on it, of what it should be spelled is Bloodletting.  I like that.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Soul Sucking

I am so sad.  I found the flyer for the Zoo 5k I was going to run, and found out it is next Saturday.  So that's an Epic Fail.  I was really going to prepare and run it too.  I love the zoo. I suppose Josh and I could sign up and walk it.

I'm really going to get into shape this time though.  I want to not feel this old and tired and worn out.

If I had a redo, I wouldn't have done research in undergrad and then I wouldn't have gone to such a high end school like vanderbilt.  I would have gone out west to ISU or something.  I would have spent a semester abroad.  I would have gotten an internship for the summer.  Though internships would have been hard because some don't pay, and I don't know how students can do that.  I have a suspicion that they get help from parents but I could be wrong.

I went to Wal-Mart today for the first time in probably over a year.  It was overwhelming and I didn't like it.  Luckily I had a list and I stuck to it for the most part.  I got a bed skirt, a wooden foldable clothes dryer hanger thing (so things can air dry), a clearance sweater, 3 house plants for my house and office, buttons for a jacket I got from the good will,  and a new set of sheets.  I don't need a new set but these were 14$ and were a cute small flower print.  I've been looking for a print like this since I saw some in Jon's aunt's cabin 4 yrs ago or so.  This cabin has 7 or 8 beds and a closet full of sheets from the 70's.  It also has a drawer with a lavender jumpsuit in it. 

Oh and Josh found a Doritos stand in the middle of all the women's clothes and he picked out a bag.

Then we ate lunch at Pyramid's Cafe, a greek place in the Hickory Hollow Mall food court.  Yes, we went to the mall to eat at the food court.  We didn't even stop to look in any stores.  But Pyramid's is sooo good!  The ladies and the guys who work there always recognize me and Josh and are so happy to see us!

The Chic-fil-A was closed.  Chic-fil-A is a chicken fast food joint...EVERYONE southern seems to LOVE it, but I think it's sorta bland and boring.  They tell me it's real chicken therefore it's good and worth it, but what's fake chicken?  It's a processed chicken breast on a bun that's been fried in butter with one pickle and one slice of lettuce on it.  That's it.  And I think that's about all they sell.  There are also the waffle fries which I guess are the next best thing to heaven...but they are just good waffle fries.  I don't know...I don't like any of the chicken fast food places.  I can list them for you:  Mrs. Winners, Chic-fil-A, bojangles, KFC, Church's, and Popeye's.  I've only been to Chic-fil-A, and I don't think I'll go again.  Josh says the one in the mall scored a 78 on it's sanitation before it closed.  I've never heard of a restaurant scoring that low.  I also wonder if that's why it closed.  I most certainly wouldn't knowingly eat at a place that scored under 90!

Oh and I was told by a friend that people couldn't leave comments.  I went into my settings and I am pretty sure I fixed that so now people can.

Friday, January 15, 2010

So on Monday nights there is nothing on tv, and on Tuesday nights there REALLY is nothing on tv.  I only get about 8 channels, so there isn't much to choose from, but it's usually bad.  One channel, channel 17 Ion Television, is sometimes good tv but usually Jesus tv, so don't trust it much.  Every night there was this one mystery show on. At first I thought it was an old detective movie, but then the same freaky guy who always has his mouth open and talks without emotion was ALWAYS on so I knew it was a tv show.  I got so mad at him...I think once I even yelled at him for being on the tv and being so dumb.  Then one night there REALLY REALLY REALLY was nothing on, so I decided to watch that show despite my dislike for that guy...and now it's my favorite tv show.  It's called Criminal Minds, I think it's well known b/c I saw the dvds for sale at Target.  It's a mystery detective show like CSI or Law and Order, clearly it's up my ally. 

Just before Christmas I was watching TV with Josh and I was telling him about how much I respect Jason Alexander.  He's the guy who plays George on Sienfield.  I saw him once, by chance, on PBS singing and dancing in front of an orchestra...and he was being funny!  it was one of the best things I've ever saw.  So I was telling Josh that whenever I get a chance to see him dance and sing or act I always try to watch, because he truely is talented.  Then Josh left for work and I changed the channel on tv and there was a bad Christmas movie on with non other than Jason Alexander!!! I watched it of course.  Unfortunately he didn't sing or dance.  I also like the irony that he played George, the most despicable character ever.

So the very second Criminal Minds show I watched had Jason Alexander playing crazy evil philosophy professor.  That pretty much sealed the deal for it being my new favorite show.

Side note the guy I used to hate but now love just said "No I'm floating around the idea of an even eviler twin...the evil twin's twin who is even more evil." I love it!

I've been playing around with my photo editor.  I wish I had text to go with the pictures to tell a story.  That would have been much better, but I don't.  These shrooms are growing on a tree in the woods behind my apartment.  On Christmas eve Josh and I went back there and took pictures.

This is another world where little people like beings live.  They have six legs and a carapace. 

This is my husband in the desert.  I think the heat and sun is getting to him a little.  Maybe it's the Vegas atmosphere...getting him a little shiny.  I think he's very attractive.  Very.

This is me.  I'm not as attractive as my husband.  But I'm an INSANE diver.  That's true.  I never miss an exit.

Finally, this is Margot.  I feed her sometimes...but she'll only eat when I leave the room.  Once I saw her fall off a shelf...we both were sad about that.

Babies Babies Everywhere

It's that time of the month and I have baby making hormones racing through me.  I hate it.  I woke up the other morning after I dreamed I was pregnant planning on turning the tv room into the baby room and putting a crib in the bedroom.  Then I had a headache.

When my mom visited, she realized, and then told me, that it would be a "Terrible thing if I had a baby right now! That would be horrible!"  Which is opposite of what she's ever told me...except when I was in high school.  I most definitely was not to have babies in high school.  And now I would like you to take a moment to imagine my mom and I trying to raise MY child together, when I'm 16.  I bet it would have been loud.  Very loud.

Anyways, when my mom told me that I should not have any babies it would be terrible, I was I like, I must prove her wrong! Babies are not terrible!  And then I realized that I agreed with her.  Josh's comment was that my mom really knows how to use reverse psychology on me well.

Also, there were babies all over the radio and tv last night and this morning.  I can't get away.

The person I relate to most at work is the part time security guard who walks around and talks to people, but most people are annoyed by him. He's pretty cool, he's not an educated city person, but more of a woodsey fixes up cars person.  I like that.  He also makes bad jokes that are pretty funny.  He's fixing up a Chevrolet Luv truck right now.  He's going to make it a Klassic.  Like a classic car but updated with infinity speakers and subwoofers (whatever infinity means?).  But that makes the Luv truck even more sweet.  Luvs are my favorites of all the trucks and they don't even make them any more!  I have ridden in one up in the mountains of Idaho (literally on the side of a mountain on piles of rocks), and Calvin used to own one too.  This security guard too, also approves of and understands the humor of putting my itty bitty Mazda truck on lifts with GIANT tires.  No one else here (Nashville) truely gets it.  They all think I'm stupid and crazy.

Three day weekend!  I get Monday off for President's day or something. 

Last night Josh and I rearranged the TV room for a baby...and by baby I mean Josh's brand new super awesome computer he is building from scratch.  He says he is building a 900$+ computer for only $500 because he bought all the parts (innards as I call them) separate and put them in the tower himself.  Yesterday he realized that he forgot a surge protector.  Luckly Windows didn't come in the mail yet so he can't plug it in until it does.    It was a lot of fun organizing stuff and going through our pen collection and throwing away the bad ones.  We even found some VHS tapes and put them up on the shelf as some retro decorations, you know, to be cool and hip.  And then we were sad that VHS tapes are considered retro because that means we are retro too.

Yesterday my mom sent me an email asking me what Retro meant.  When I told Josh he said I should have emailed her back and said "retrograde!  Duh!"  Which is hilarious b/c that's such a stupid answer.  I love stupid answers. 

Finally, this is why I started this post..(really I forgot until now)..but I want to tell you all my goals.  I want to start exercising hard core and run a 5k at the zoo and be energized and able to not be breathing hard just by going up the single flight of stairs to my apartment.  The best way to do that I hear is to write down your goals and to make them attainable.  Well...I did not attain this weeks goal even though I wrote it down.  The goal didn't even involve exercising, it involved me packing up all my exercise gear and bringing it in to work.  That's it, and I didn't do it.  Nope.  So I have to take more extreme measures.  I need to tell people about my goals and I need to set a reward. (mostly I want the reward).  I'm going to make the goal a little tougher though. My goal is to exercise for one hour at work everyday for three weeks starting this Tuesday (I have Monday off remember).  When I am done I can buy myself $30 worth of Etsy merchandise...whatever I want, even if I can make it myself.  I'm thinking a knitting organizer pouch or something to put my knitting needles in, but we'll see.  So that's everyday until feb. 5.  But I can't stop once I reach the 5th, by then I'll re-evaluate and set new goals.

Exercise includes: weight machines and any of the machines in the gym at work.  If I miss a day at work I will then have to play raquet ball with Josh.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stabalized With a Table

Apparently NBC is moving Jay Leno's show back to its old spot and wanting to push Conan back an hour.  After he waited 17 yrs to get to this show and this timeslot, after he moved from New York to LA, and trust I can tell, he doesn't like it too much out there, NBC is basically saying he is not as good at Jay Leno.  Which we all know is not true.  Plus I liked Jay's new show and time (early, like 8 I think) because it was the only good thing on tv some nights...well until I discovered Criminal Minds.  So Conan is leaving NBC...I hope he starts up a late night show on Fox because they'll let him do a lot more funny stuff there.  Not that I'll ever be able to stay up late enough to watch it.

Last night was wonderful.  Josh had the day off of work, so we was there when I got home!  He had done the dishes and some that neither of us would have to do much work once I was home.  Then we cooked a steak dinner.  He brought home a kobe beef steak from work.  We had corn and peas, sweet potato fries, and mustard greens with it.  And we ate it on our BRAND NEW TABLE!!!!!!!  It's been forever since we were able to set a table AND bring the food to the table!

My parents brought me the table.  It's not my original table but a new one my dad built with legs that can come off and fits in my mom's car.  I can't wait to crafts on it, and Josh can't wait to build his new computer on it.  My parents visit was great!  We saw the Avatar in 3d, ate at Jack's BBQ, went honky tonk'n, saw downtown torn up and full of holes because of all the broken water lines, went for a 5 mile hike in the snow at Cedar's of Lebanon, my mom got some awesome vintage boots from a freaky fleamarket lady for 5$, and we ate some real Mexican.  My parents got "fagitas with guatamala".  And then we went to the Station Inn and heard their open mic night.  They met our friends throughout that too.

But back to last night.  After dinner, in which I did the dishes right away because I needed the rag to wipe off the table, and if I was going to get it wet for that, I might as well wash all the dishes too.  Then we played WoW, and both leveled to 55 within a few minutes of each other.  We are also raising our own raptor mounts right now.  I can't wait until mine is big enough to ride!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Secret Wars in my Yemen

Today there was a two hour delay to go to work, only the message wasn't changed when the higher ups said they would, so about 6 of us showed up on time...  Annoying.  I even got in a fight about the weather and me driving in it with Josh.  Not that it was actually snowing or raining or anything.  It was just cold and I imagined the thin layer of water on the roads yesterday freezing up and being ice.  Plus this is the first snow fall and it reminded me very strongly of when I got in my accident with my first truck.  I also had to drive my truck in this morning because Josh had to drop off all the recycling which was in the car.  I was very nervous to say the least and I kept on snapping and being mean to Josh.  But he was being mean right back.

I was watching the news and checking the weather online to see if the roads were indeed icey...ALL the schools were closed, so I thought maybe.  Only the news was talking about Nigerians and Obama and failed security.  Josh starts talking to me and he's telling me that the US is sending in missiles and troops to Yemen now and the news is not covering it...only NPR.  And I was all "I DON"T CARE! THE INTERNET ISN"T TELLING ME IF THE ROADS ARE ICEY AAAGGGHHHH"  So it wasn't that extreme but close.  And Josh was all "YOU DON"T CARE IF THEY ARE STARTING A THIRD WAR IN YEMEN AND THE NEWS ISN"T TELLING US ABOUT IT!?!?!"  So we had a political and weather related fight this morning.  Then Josh was constantly telling me that the truck is safer than the car now b/c of the sand bags (which we may have way more than neccessary back there) and the new tires...and I was trying to tell him that my fear was more mentally substantiated not physically substantiated. Then I accused him of not listening to me and trying to start a secret war in my Yemen.  Then the fight was over because neither of us can resist such a good joke as that one.

On a side note, there was no ice.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow Fall of '10

It's going to snow 1 to 4 inches tonight. Yesterday they sprayed my road with no-ice stuff (liquid salt?) to prepare.  I thought it was rain/ice when I was driving in, and was confused as to why only some lanes were wet, and I did not drive in those lanes in fear of dying.

I am having Josh pick up some sand bags for my truck today. Nothing like waiting until the last minute...AND who would have thought this year would be the year for a "snow storm".  I had gotten annoyed at life and my mom a few months ago b/c i didn't know where I was going to get sand for my sand's not like there is a beach anywhere near here.  I had never realized that sand is hard to come by.  And then one day I looked outside and saw my sand volleyball court.  So now I have sand.

We might have a snow day tomorrow, or at least a 2 hr. delay. I'm really hoping for that b/c I am planning on staying up late tonight cleaning.  My parents are visiting this weekend if this snow storm dies down before friday!  I bet it won't.  Snow likes to ruin all of my plans.

My alarm on my cell phone did not go off this morning.  I dont' know why.  It was set for the am, it was on.  In fact, i have it set to go off automatically every weekday, it was plugged in, and the sound was on high.  I don't mind though...I just called my supervisor and came in.  No one making me feel guilty, like at a retail store.  AND I got an extra hour of sleep.  I tell you, I feel great!  It also may have to do, as well, with the fact that I have gotten my acid reflux back under control.  Every once in a while it acts up really bad and I lose sleep, become angry, and it effects all aspects of my life.  I take my pills, eat right for a week and it goes away.  I thought it came and went with stress, but this time I didn't really feel stressed out at all.  But I have been eating poorly because of the holidays.  I am fixing that now, lots of fruits and veggies and fresh food for me.  And I love it!

My mom changed her facebook picture to one of her and my dad wearing overalls and handmade by them straw (raffia) hats.  It's like they are the backwoods parents who live out in the woods and don't talk to strangers, and I am the girl who lives in the big city.  Like that one movie, Brown Eyed Girl (?).  The one named after the song.  Except I am failing at the big city thing...I have moved out of it, and got a job at a non-profit next to a Waffle house.  I do not own big city clothes, but shop at the goodwill more than I ever have.  Oh well.  I do own one pair of black pumps with tall heals. They were expensive and SUPER cute.  I can't wait for it to warm up so I can wear them again.

Speaking of the weather, I own 2 sweaters from at least 5 yrs ago.  I realized today that I don't own many warm clothes b/c when it got cold for the 2 weeks of the year, I wore hoodies.  I have like 6 of those, but can't wear any to work. I'm sorta sad that my hoodies are becoming obsolete.  They are like good friends and I hate getting rid of them.  Each one represents an important part of my life.  I'm thinking hoody blanket!

In the words recently written by my mom:

In a while cockadiles.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The science fair was in 6th grade and I remember Mrs. Tucker, who I think focused on English in college, NOT science, despite the fact that she was my science teacher then.  I say this because it was her that made me realize that teachers do not know everything and only the good teachers will admit that.  When we were learning about gravity and how it works (it's two masses being attracted to each other...everything has gravity, only since earth is so big, it's gravitational pull overrides all else), I asked her what would happen if I were go to the very absolute center of the Earth...would I float there b/c all of the gravitational forces that encircle me perfectly cancel each other out, or would I explode b/c the gravitational forces are pulling at me in all directions?  Her answer:  It doesn't matter,  you can't go to the center of the Earth.  I kept on saying "Yeah, but what if?"  and she was like "NO, IT DOESN"T MATTER, THAT"S AN IMPOSSIBLE!"  So I dropped it.

But I asked every science teacher I had after that the same question.  The ones who answered it were Mr. Wessling and Dave.  I don't think I asked Calvin...I should have.  I don't remember what the answer is, I just wanted to get one.  oh, sidenote: the ones who answered it were geologists, mostly because we only deal with "what ifs".

Back to the science fair, as an example of what someone could invent, Mrs. Tucker said she would like someone to invent a way to dispose of cooking grease easily.  Christine Slate said that she could, and Mrs. Tucker was again all "NO YOU CAN"T IT"S IMPOSSIBLE"  but Christine did anyways.  She put a screen over a coffee can and then you pour your grease into it and then through away the can.  It's not really an invention...probably on the same level as a Snuggie, but it worked.

Many municipalities that are running their own biodiesel plants to fuel their fleets and save taxpayer's money run cooking grease recycling centers, where people can drop off their collected grease and it's made into biodiesel.  Now if that isn't an easy way to dispose of cooking grease, then I don't know what is.

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Chocolate Mess

Today is Josh's birthday, so I baked him this desert/cake/pie thing that I've only ever baked once before and he's been asking for it.

Look at what happened:

Look at it!


It's terrifying.  Do you know what that is?  That is a mixture of 2 cups of sugar, 1 cup of chocolate chips melted with 1.5 sticks of butter, .75 cups of flour and 6 entire eggs.  Ridiculous.  To say the least it overflowed the pie crust.  And yes, I did continue to pour the mixture into the crust, completely, scraping the sides of the bowl with a spatula, even though I could see clearly it wouldn't fit.  I had hope that it would until the bitter end.  I had to scoop some out of the center of the pie b/c it just wouldn't stop oozing out the side of the pie crust.  It was like Niagara falls.  I may have scooped up some from the stove too and put it back in the bowl.  I used all of that and made 8 mini muffins!  Yes, I had 8 mini muffins worth extra filling and I had bought the deep dish crust too!  Oh...yeah...I used a store bought crust because I am tired.  I did clean it all well though...I didn't leave it for Josh...or to be cooked on next time we cook.  I thought about it because of what Josh's reaction would be...but I didn't.

House Centipedes

Google: House Centipedes and then look at pictures of them.

I saw one once. On my very first day of Grad school one crawled across my desk and disappeared.  I chose not to worry about it.  It wasn't as big as the ones in these pictures, but it was freaky!  People apparently get these down here in their houses.  And they bite.

Yeah...I'm moving out west.  Somewhere where the bugs are normal or at least normal sized.

Those are the freakiest things I've ever seen!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Well now I'm depressed.  I just finished reading a bunch of posts from which (badly) compiles all the lame posts that show up on facebook.  Like a couple that had a fight on facebook.  It was stupid.  And then I did an even more stupid thing...I read the comments.  Luckily the comments were sooooooo stupid and irrelevent to anything, I didn't get angry at the stupidness of them.  Sometime when you read comments you get what Heather calls, rightously indignant.  You just want to find these people and tell them they're W.R.O.N.G. and then beat them a little.  Well, that didn't happen this time.  I think because all the commenters were highschoolers who had nothing better to do than argue over memes and Shakespear quotes and phonetics.  I ALSO realized that these people were probably hipsters and read the book "Six Sick Hipsters" which is the only reason they know what the word meme is.

So I read that book.  It was scarring.  It contains a crazy wild baboon that rips and eats someones face off.  All in the name of memes and hipsterdom.  It also got me more into knitting. 

Yesterday I went to the main Nashville Library with Jacque and Bob in the morning.  It was really amazing in there!  There are all kinds of tables to sit at and read or plug you computer into, and tons of books.  You can only go into the children's bathroom if you have a child with you, and there is a very large room were only teenagers can go.  There is a courtyard with a frozen fountain (yes it was cold yesterday).  There is also an art gallery, and they were showing the movie UP for free yesterday.

Then I worked for 6 hours at J.Jill.  It was super busy and I was late b/c I couldn't find parking.  I ate some pretzel sticks with cheese for lunch/dinner.

After that I went to Sarah and Heathers and had real dinner and played Settlers of Catan, which is a board game that both them and us got for Christmas.  It was a lot of fun.  Heather won. 

This is what Josh did.  Tried to drive into work at noon to work a double, but the parking break wouldn't release.  Did I mention that it SNOWED yesterday morning?  Well it did, about 1/8 of an inch that was melting quickly.  And it stayed  below freezing all day.  It took Josh until 4 I think, trying everything to get the brake unstuck before the tow guy came, did the exact same thing he had been doing for hours, and got it unstuck and then charged 55$ for it.  Luckly we are insured for that.

Poor Josh.  I'm going to go wake him up.