Monday, January 27, 2014

Dipes and Wipes

I have started using reusable diapers and it's a lot easier than it seems. "Duh." says every mother who has done so.  The hardest part is that it is really hard to find cloth diapers online and in stores.  It's also hard to figure out what it is you actually need and it's really expensive to just go in and buy stuff without knowing if you need it or not.

What you need are the snapping babywraps, only one would work but no more than three.  Then go buy the Gerber 10 or 12 pack of the thri-fold clothe diapers.  I received a bunch of organic cotton ones that came with my diaper wraps.  They are nice, but they are so fat, they barely fit Lilly.  The thinner ones from Gerber are better.

When they are dirty, I bring them to the laundry room and soak them in a tub in the sink until it is time to wash them.  If you don't have the luxury of a laundry room sink,  I think a big 5 gallon bucket with lid next to the changing table would work.  Just fill it with some water and a little vinegar or soaking agent of your choice (or nothing, just water), and keep the dipes in there and carry the bucket to the washer when it's time.

Now, onto the fun stuff.  Lilly is almost 7 months old and she is sitting up mostly unsupported and she definitely rolls over.  Her favorite game Flying or Being Upside Down.  She does not like changing, but she does like being naked and being clothed.  She likes to sleep and she likes to sharpen her little baby talons. She likes puppies a lot and her best pet friend is Patches, Grandma Diane's foster kitty.  Patches is old and breaks most of the rules in the most uncaring way.  I call her Packages.  Lilly does not like it when I pick her nose.  She laughs when you kiss her chin.  Her favorite food is green beans, and she likes chewing on a calculator the most.