Sunday, June 12, 2011

Church Girls

Today the most unique thing I've seen would be....  a choir of high school girls singing at our church.  I think I have baby hormones at the moment because I was overly dawn to all of them.  I have never been a fan of teenage girls...probably b/c I have recently been one and it wasn't that fun really.  Today I saw their drama and their lives ahead of them as a good thing.  They all had different hair and even the ones with out "perfect" hair that was blow dried, curled or straightened, were beautiful.  I've always thought I was not too pretty b/c I don't do my hair...I just let it dry or put it in a ponytail, especially in highschool.  But now, seeing those girls, I know that that wasn't the case, I just had different hair and it's the differences that made them all so great.

The most unique thing I saw last week in Sacramento with Josh would be when this guy on the street took a picture of us.  We were just standing there, and he walked by.  He had a comb/pick thing in his afro like is sometimes the style.  I'm not sure why they do that...i think it's weird, but we live in different worlds and different cultural backgrounds, so I guess I wouldn't understand.  He took a pic of Josh and I standing on the street and then came back and wanted us to get his number so that he wouldn't get sued for posting our picture or something.  It was all very confusing and we didn't have a pen and neither did he.  He did tell us his name so we can look him up on Facebook, which we havn't done yet.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Karma y u no fair?

Can I just say something?  My last post was pretty boring if I do say so myself.  I only put up with them because they make my good posts look better.  And I like to practice pushing through and trusting that the next one will be better.  And now I'm in a quandary b/c I already posted one today and I don't want to be an annoying super poster, but I just thought of a lot of things to say.

Guess how many unique and interesting things I've seen today so far since this morning?  None.  I went to get dressed, got sucker punched by my bed and when I regained consciousness, it was 2:00pm.  Now some of you may think...phew Lindy, good for you, you must have needed that.  But no, no I did not.  I already had 8 hrs of sleep last night and every night before that this week!  Well, maybe not Thursday night...I drank a lot then...but I woke up hang over free and generally not tired on Friday.  I sleep this much every single weekend!  Usually I'm reading, but today I was going to go to the bank and the library and target all before it got to be one million degrees out...and my bed punched me in the sleep maker.

Next,  my life is terrible.  One of my BFFs, Nato, posted on facebook that karma got him good.  He had flipped (Flicked?? I think this is one of my failings of my childhood) a MEAN old lady and so karma put him in a traffic jam. I am going to make an assumption that he had airconditioning or that it wasn't hot enough yet in Michigan to need it.   This got me thinking about the traffic jam I was in on Wednesday...

We were going to Lu's, so Josh was driving my truck (without AC)... (I know, I know, my truck, I should be driving...but it was so hot and I'm so lazy).  We got off 24 and onto 440 (expressways), and traffic stopped.  It took us 30 min. to go 3 miles to the exit and it was 95 degrees out with 90% humidity or something like that.  I had sweat dripping down my face and I was just sitting there.  Since we were basically stopped in traffic, there was no breeze and we had to keep the windows open.  That let in the breeze of all the exhaust of the cars all around us. >:(  And a cicada flew in.  It was giant with giant red eyes and large orange wings and long spindly red legs.  And every time it flew it flew like it was drunk and its' wings weren't big enough and buzzed everywhere.  It sat on the dashboard and looked at us, threatening to fly into our faces cause Josh to crash into all the cars around us resulting in a firey explosion.  Finally Josh told me to put a towel on it to hold it in place between the dash and the window.  It would crawl out and buzz and I would scream.  It buzzed around and terrified us for the entire 30 min. finally flying out as we reached the exit...which was also backed up all the way out to the expressway.  Josh says he's never ever seen me freak out like that for such an extended point of time.  Yeah, but I've never been trapped in an enclosed space with a giant bug that looks at you before!

What did I do to deserve all that? Huh Karma? 

Unnatural Lakes

Happy Saturday.

I cut my hair short because it was time to.  I didn't even think about it....I said I want short hair, and then I did it.  It was weird at first because I didn't look like me.  A lot of how I see myself I guess was based on looks, and now I look like a different person.  Who is this different person in the mirror?  Well, for one, this person is a lot cleaner...showering is actually enjoyable with short hair.  Whoa, bet you never saw that sentence coming.

I think I'm going to reinstate my "Most Unique Thing Seen Each Day"  "project".  It's not really a project, it's more of an exercise I like doing.  If you get good at it, life is more interesting.

Let's start with yesterday because I've only been up 30 min. so far today and the most interesting thing I've seen so far today is Ackbar.  Yesterday the most unique thing was a joke that I would feel right about putting on here. The second most unique thing would be a deer and fawn that was in the woods just past where our company picnic was held.  There were two baby fawns and a momma deer, and she kept on running between the was out and about moving and one was sleeping by the lake. (Lake = man made lake left over from some flood years past).  I felt bad for the momma deer because people kept on going near the babies to see them, I'm sure she was nervous.

I also learned that Percy Priest Lake (again, created by a large dam and is man made) flooded towns and buildings when TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) built the dam.  John, a work friend, says that he knows of spots where you can walk straight out like you are walking on water because you are walking on an old raised road.  Terrifying.  I hate the thought of structures beneath me in a lake that I can't see!  It's sort of like having a ghost town beneath you and you don't know what's going to reach up through the water and grab you.  It's unnatural.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Mom is funny.  I like her.

Here are some pictures:

Me at Coyote Ugly, helping Josh to understand the rules.

My Mom the day before Mandy's wedding.  She's so happy!

Mandy with no legs.  Me being the oldest one out there.

Fourth of July 2010!

Ackbar is SHOCKED by our drinking habits.

My mom is happy in the woods too.

Nathan is skeptical about our ability to walk one mile in under an hour.

Josh discovers the worlds largest puffball mushroom...The Skull.

Ackbar rules our household in the manner of Jaba the Hut.

Josh fixing things at my parents house.

My cousin Will playing in Evergreen, CO.  I saw him a lot this past year.


Sarah performs her best photo bomb ever.