Thursday, January 12, 2017

Short short short

I'm getting old.  My blog tells me which sites view my blog.  And I know they are porn or something as ridiculous. But, despite this, I picked one link and click on it, and it was porn.  I picked, and I didn't think that was porn?  Sigh.

Things that went wrong yesterday:
1.  The front step was all ice and I couldn't get down on my own without dying.
2.  My order of printer paper came in.  I ordered legal size on accident.  I hate legal size paper.
3.  I went grocery shopping on elderly discount day.
4.  My coupon was scanned before the WIC card and the only way to fix it as to unpack and rescan my groceries.

The good thing:  I learned from a bad thing months ago, maybe years ago, and always open my Dr Pepper in the car, slowly, before I start driving.  For the first time since the last time, it fizzed over the outside and I'm glad I did that right and didn't make a mess.

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