Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Como frijoles? How you bean?

Well well well.

This week is strangely flying by on the back of a snail.

I have started a new exercise regime.  In my head, I am running 3 miles everyday, doing tons of sit ups and push ups and pull up. After one month of doing this, I will be ripped and muscly and walk like I'm in complete control of my body and could probably take you head off at my leisure.  (Make sure you pronounce that "Ledgsher" not "Lee-sure").    Not only will you want tickets for the arms show, you'll pay good money for them.

In real life, not in my head, I've gone to Zumba twice.  Zumba is hip swiveling dance exercise.  Before it starts I visualize myself looking like the instructor (see above paragraph), then it starts.  And two songs in I remember that I cannot stand sweating and being out of breath and worry that I'm going throw up and then faint into the pile of puke.  I then give up looking tough and settle for not dying in the next hour.

In between zumba I usually walk one mile everyday at work, slowly, at a nice pace.

The other day I had an appointment to see a nurse practitioner.  In the waiting room they are always playing a nice happy movie on the big flat screen HD TV (everything else in the waiting room is old and kinda dirty).  Usually the movie is Ice Age or Happy Feet.  This time it was an African bush man, a 12 yr old British white boy, and a cheetah in a boat.  Eventually they landed and walked around the desert together.  The Cheetah let lions chase it so the lions wouldn't eat the humans.  That's about all I got from the movie.  In the waiting room was a few other people.  One of the guys kept on talking.  I don't know if he was talking to someone (no one else was around him) or to himself, but he was quite angry and was swearing a lot.  I tried very hard to look compassionate and understanding.  I don't' really know what that looks like though, so I don't' know if I succeeded.  Then a van pulled up outside, and this angry guy and another guy ran out to it.  So maybe Mr. Angry was talking to the other guy, but they were sitting far apart and at awkward angles to each other.  I watched Mr. Angry climb into the van and noticed that his pants weren't very tight and were sagging down and I saw his naked butt.  I went back to watching the Man Boy Cheetah movie.

Next week I go to Palm Springs, CA.  I can't wait.  Nice hot dry weather, no allergies, computer and lab people to meet with, and a kick ass art museum that lets people in for free on Thursdays!  Oh and the hotel is on some hot springs, so I'll be sitting in the hot springs pool with supposed medical and healing properties.  Mountains.  If I had a rental car I could either climb them or take a gondola to the top.  Otherwise it's about $25 each way for a taxi. :/  If you want a very relaxing, minimal adventure vacation, I say go to Palm Springs.  It's amazing there.  Also, I'm told that is where ladies who like ladies vacation.  I plan on going as one of my retirement vacations, when I'm older.  You know, when I turn 35.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Learning About Drinking Water

Guess what I just found out!  I learned that in a drinking water treatment plant, the water you drink (as my dad calls it "city water") comes from the ground!  It's ground water, only they treat it to remove any smells - sulfide gas, and add chlorine to kill any e-coli or other germies that happen to get in the water.  The water treatment operators have to hit a correct balance so that the water is not too chlorine-y but enough chlorine is in the water to make it to the end of the line.

To get rid of the sulfide smell, they either run it through a carbon treatment (the same as the water filter in a Britta) or aerate it...but that puts the smell in the air and people complain that it smells of rotten eggs.  If your water smells funky, like rotten eggs or like chlorine, all you have to do is either 1) run it through your filter or 2) let it sit out for a while and the sulfer and chlorine will evaporate out of the water.

If you imagine all the pipes it takes to get tap water to your house and every other house and apartment where you live, that's a lot of pipes!  And of course, they are all aging.  That leaves a lot of possibility for e.coli (which I am assured is everywhere) and other water critters to get into the water, so that is why the chlorine is added, to kill it all.

A person with their own well water doesn't have water that goes through as many pipes, but they do not have a water treatment and monitoring system in place.  I'm told they should have their water tested by the city/county (something), once a year.  I think that's smart anyways.  You don't know if your next door neighbors aging septic tank is leaking into the ground water you drink.  Or your own septic tank for that matter!  Or what if the farmer next door who sprays chemicals on all his fields, and those chemicals get swept into streams, lakes, and into the ground water.  Or you live in the woods and you and your neighbors are red necks, or you are not, and you have a forgotten about diesel tank leaking diesel fuel everywhere.  By testing your water, you will know what's in it. (duh.)  In these situations I always think about Erin Brockovich. She's pretty great.

I'm thinking someday I may go into government utilities (electric, water, wastewater, etc) as a job.  I think I would enjoy that.  I would want to be in the public outreach department or in the lab doing the testing.

For the longest time I thought that a drinking water treatment plant got their water from the waste water treatment plant.  That is not true, except in one town in Texas.  I think Bear Grylls lives there.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Redneck Drama

So, when I get off my lazy bum and upload my pictures off my camera, I will tell you about The Tornado That Never Was of 2012, but until then, you are going to have to deal without it.

One thing that happened, that I can tell you quick, is that we tried to make friends with the only neighbors that seem to be about our age and have similar interests.  Turns out we were very very wrong.  Not only were they all under the age of 21, but their interests involved showing us side boob and tattoos as well as D.R.A.M.A. of the most redneck kind. 

Now I am not perfect, so I am going to share one of my bias opinions based solely on my limited experience.  These kids grew up in Galletin (and some still live there) which is about an hour away from here.  Galletin is a redneck suburb of Nashville, north of the city.  Antioch is the ghetto suburb south of Nashville.  It has been my experience that people who have grown up in suburbs do not leave the suburbs and do not have a very expanded view of the world and life.  Not everyone, but many.  I think this is what leads to crazy drama.

Two days ago or so (Friday?), I got home and was talking to Josh and we start hearing yelling outside.  The sliding door was open, so it wasn't like it was incredibly loud, but loud enough to clearly hear each word.  The kid, one of the twins who lives in Galletin, not here, but visits the girl who lives here, was yelling at the woman who lives above them.  She is older, 40's or older, not under 21.  I don't know if they knew her from before or not, but what are the chances that they were able to move into the same building as someone they knew?  I think very low, but I dont' know on that.  But what he was yelling was "At least I don't hit women, unlike you. You twat!"  Then he yelled "Your own son can't even stand to be around you!"  The woman called the police and they showed up, two cars, and hung out for a few hours.

Who uses the word Twat anymore?  Who ever used it?  If I was that angry, I have a few other choice words I'd use instead of that.  AND who yells at an Elder?  If you are that young, can't even drink, what gives you the right to yell things like that that publicly to someone who is older and has more life experience than you?

I am so glad they didn't want to be friends with us. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Women: Loving Things More Than Looks

Technically, this picture is suppose to be a link to an article about the history of women, geology, and going into the field.  I like the picture because it shows that the woman in it loves rocks more than she loves her looks.  She's wearing the tophat because it's the closest thing they had to a hard hat back then.  She's wearing a big skirt for protection I'm sure and because women were not allowed to wear pants.  She is holding a rock hammer, most essential tool of a geologist, and is standing on some rocks.  What kind of rocks are those?  They could be sedimentary sandstone.  I like to think that they are metamorphic rocks that have been smoothed down and etched with lines by glaciers.  That's what it looks like to me.  Look at the mountains in the back ground!  They are definitely somewhere with little vegetation.  And you can see her husband, bored, unadventurous, lame, sitting in the background.  He's tiny and white on the left of the woman.  It could also be a rock I guess.  Who knows?

Also her skirt could definitely be labeled as plaid - the favorite pattern of a geologist.

This is Wonder Woman.  She's taking a break.  Fighting the wrongs of the world is hard work, made harder with a pebble in your shoe.  I like her because she has brown hair, small boobs and strong large calves.  Look at those legs...they could totally kick your ass.  She doesn't like to kick ass, but will if pushed to it.

Susan B. Anthony I also believe loved the ladies.  She loved rights more though.  So, the theory behind this comic is that she will get both Rights and Ladies in one fell swoop.  Awesome.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Lorax

My favorite pair of pants I wear are Josh's camo pants.  I wore them with a black tanktop and hoody to Oscar Night with a tie tied around my head so I looked like Rambo.  I was Oscar Rambo.  No one noticed.  Good or bad?

I can't wait to get home to Josh today.  We are going to have fun!  Doing what, I don't know, but it will be fun!  I'm thinking we could clean the bedroom/do laundry and pay bills.  Sounds like a big job though. I still haven't unpacked from Denver and I have no clean work pants.  I've been forced to be creative all week in my work clothes.  Luckly spring is here and it's easier to transition to summer dresses even though it's earlier than I would like.

We saw the Lorax yesterday.  It was really nice to see in 3d, the colors and imagery was really pretty, but I felt like the story was trying too hard.  You know what the problem is?  Well, the underlying (and not underlying very deep, mostly it was draped over the movie) message was that cutting down trees and living in a plastic suburb is bad.  It was all "save the environment", and that is a message I support, but it is also something I deal with everyday in my job.  Movies are for escaping from your life and living two hours in someone else's life, but it's not escaping if it's the same as my life is already.  I will not type out all of my hilarious jokes on comparing my coworkers to the character in The Lorax.  Also, the sorta main character is a hipster. He even knits.  The best parts were the trees and the I'm Not Bad song.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012