Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lazy Weekend

The Gorillaz have come out with a new record!!  Plastic Beach.  There's a new video out for the song Stylo, and as usual, the Gorillaz have not only read my mind, but have read my soul.  Not only is it a Gorillaz song, not only is it dark and hopeless, but it also contains Bruce Willis driving a red El Camino, and he is bad ass

This weekend turned out to be a lazy weekend.  I had hoped to go to Cedar's of Lebanon and do some hiking, but like I said it was a lazy weekend.  Friday night we were watching a movie off the internet that Josh picked out.  I was really hoping he was going to pick Law and Order, but he picked Thunderbolt with a younger Jackie Chan.  Generally I would love a Jackie Chan movie, but this one was about car racing and that doesn't interest me so much.  Luckily (not really) Josh's computer stopped working in the middle of it and I didn't have to watch the whole thing.

Today one of our new IT friends helped Josh fix it.  All that had happened was the power cord had blown out, so it was easily and cheaply fixed.

Yesterday around 9:30 or 10:00 Josh was on the phone with a high school friend discussing his computer problems and I was reading.  Then I got really tired and my eyes closed and my head fell to the side.  I decided I would stay like that and pretend I was asleep and then when Josh got off the phone he would come over and wake me up to tell me about the phone call and I was go "Surprise" and grab him quick because I wasn't really asleep.  Then it was 2 hours later....   Josh never came over because, duh, I was asleep, and we all know it's bad news to wake me up if I don't want to be.  I sat up and was like, Josh ...  What's going on?  And Josh was like, you've been asleep for hours.  I told him, no I was just pretending. 

Great recap.

We  then went to another friend's house for a game night where I preceded to fall asleep with my eyes open, but just for 4 minutes or so.  Then we played Trivial Pursuit Millennium Addition.  This was the most fun I've ever had playing this game.  Josh and I were able to answer so many questions right!!!  I think it's because we grew up during the time period that most of the questions focused on, and that Josh had just taken 2 history questions.

I watched America's Taste Kitchen or something, and I learned how to make chew chocolate chip cookies.  I melted 10 tablespoons of  butter and browned it on the stove.  Then I poured it into a bowl and added 4 more tablespoons of butter.  Then I dissolved the brown and white sugars into it and added the other ingredients.  They turned out damn good for the type of chocolate chip cookies they were, but I prefer my chocolate chip cookies to have oatmeal in them and to be thicker and not so sugary.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lazy Saturday

What a Saturday.  I've been feeling nauseous pretty bad all week, and today I was mostly better, but I'm still trying to take it slow. Heh.

I recently got a prescription for a sleeping medication, but I'm not so sure how much I like it.  I mean, I like sleeping and all, but it pretty much ruins me for the whole next day.  Even if I take half a pill, which I did last night.  I fell asleep instantly and didn't wake up until morning and according to Josh I didn't move at all all night, but snored a little bit.  Cute ones.  So I got up and fed Ackbar and I swear to you the stove said 9:20.  I went and woke Josh up and laid in bed a for a while because it was so comfy.  He got up, shaved, got ready for the day, and then I got back out of bed.  We lazily made cereal and ate it.  Then we puttered around the house for a bit.  Then we looked at the clock and it was 9:35.  I kid you not.  Either I'm going crazy or when we think we are moving slowly we are really moving at warp speed, and when we move quickly we are really moving at a snails pace.  So we gained several hours to our day.

Josh had to run an errand in Murfreesboro, so I went with him so we could stop at the JC Penny's there because I had a gift card from Christmas.  We went in (avoiding the rest of the mall) and turns out JC Penny was having a doorbuster sale that ended at 1:00!!  Good thing we move at warp speed right?  So I was able to get a new pair of work pants, grey corduroy, that fit me p.e.r.f.e.c.t.l.y.  I'm skinny skinny in them.  I also got a red and grey Aaaaarrrgyle sweater to go with them.  Then I saw this was dark plum coduroy, and it was exactly what I've been looking for for weeks now. It was all on super sale and I saved 66$ and with the gift card it was exactly in our price range.  But all of this isn't even the amazing part.  The amazing part is that I accidentally stumbled into the petite section, and all of these clothes are petite!!!

It was a very sunny warm day, upper 80's I think, so we had the windows in Josh's car open and the sun was shinning in.  I am almost positive, due to several experiments, but the warm sunshine activates the sleeping pill during the day.  I get huge yawns that hurt they are so huge and I get a little sick feeling if I don't lay down and take a nap in the sunshine. So the entire time we drove around I had the seat back and was just laying there relaxing and watching the tops of trees, signs, and light posts from the windows.  Following, I cannot tell you when the last time was that I was that relaxed.  I used to lay back and watch the scenery in the sky in cars a lot when I was little, but haven't in forever.

We ate lunch at this restaurant that looked to be (from the inside and the outside) one of the most fanciest places I've been to in a long long time.  Josh promised me that they had an amazing blue cheese dip, that he read about in his school's paper, and I've been craving blue cheese.  Well, it wasn't a blue cheese dip, but it was just as amazing.  The waiter described it as spinach dip on steroids, and he was right.  For 5$ we got enough spinach dip appetizer for 4 or 5 people easy...  meaning, it was a much larger portion for what we paid than we were expecting.  Then for being so fancy, the lunch sandwich prices were very reasonable...and those portions were HUGE too.  I got a side of broccoli (for health and b/c my sandwich was mostly a cheese log), and the bowl of broccoli was easily twice as big as I was expecting.  Josh says it's because Murfreesboro is a college town not full of rich kids.  They wouldn't get any customers if they priced it higher....unlike Nashville restaurants.

We sat at a table where one side was a booth and one side was chairs, and I thought Josh was going to sit in the chairs, and we accidentally both sat in the booth at the same time, so we sat next to each other and watched the going on's in front of us.  Which wasn't much, there was no one else eating in that section.  But we did see a server clearing off a table outside and when coming in he dropped and broke a glass.  Then the hostess was cleaning the door to the outside there and he flirted with her.  Then another couple came in and they were going to be seated in a middle table, but they chose to sit next to each other in a booth/chair table directly across from Josh and I.  So we were all sitting there staring at each other.  But not for too long, because we soon left.

We got home at 1:30 and both fell asleep.  Next thing I know it's 5:00.  Yes, a 3.5 hr nap.  I woke up, rolled over and realized my arm left itself behind.  I grabbed it and shook it and my hand wobbled.  I could feel nothing in that hand and I almost freaked out because I thought it had died.  The weird part was that it barely tingled at all like it was asleep as I was regaining feeling in it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Last Sunday evening/night I was driving home from my friends apartment.  They live maybe a mile or two away by back roads!  This really makes me happy because it is also one of the most beautiful back road I've ever driven on.  It's is very narrow, with hills and twisty curves.  There is also zero shoulder and the woods grows right up to the side of the road and has to be cut flat, so it looks like a giant leafy wall.  The locals see no reason to go slow on this road. When I say locals I mean the impatient crazies that can't afford to live anywhere else, not the locals who live in the giant old school mansions that populate this back road.

So I was heading home, and up in front of me was the moon!  It was a perfect crescent shape, the same as when you stereotype the moon shape so that everyone knows what it is.  It was also glowing pure white.  The truly amazing part was that it was HUGE!  A normal moon is the size of dime, this one was the size of a half dollar or larger.

I only saw it for a second before it slipped farther behind the trees, and I wasn't even sure it was the moon.  After a while I doubted what I saw and thought maybe it was a porch light.  That moment I saw it though, it was like I was in a Neil Giamen story, like Neverwhere.  There were definitely fairies and redcaps about.

The whole rest of the way home I drove slowly sure I would see the moon again after the next turn.  I even drove past my apartment complex and down to the gas stations to see if I could see it down there.  But I couldn't.  I was a little sad because like I said, I wasn't positive it was the moon.

Monday I was driving home from East Nashville around 10 o'clock from visiting some other friends...and I came upon the view of downtown Nashville with it's bar lights and the tall Batman building and there it was!!!!  The GIANT crescent moon!!!  I got to look at it all I wanted until I went down a hill and it slipped behind the Nashville Skyline.  And get this...War Pigs was playing!!!  It's only one of my favorite bad ass songs to listen to while I drive my truck!  It was one of the most beautiful and perfect moments I've experienced in a very long time.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More Money More Problems

Less money, bigger problems.

I just realized today that if Josh does research with a professor, he will not have time for a job.  This is okay with me because I always put school and research first, even for Josh.  His education is technically more important than mine because he's going to need a very good job to support the non-working lifestyle I want to live.

So I'm trying to think of way for me to make a few extra dollars here and there.  I know I can do it because I have more free time than I have ever had before.  I'm just out of practice of using it productively.

Here are my ideas:

1. Dog walker
2. Tuter
3.  Plant sitter
4.  Secret Shopper
5.  Personal shopper
6.  Car washer/oil changer where I go to the hospital/rich person work place and they pay me to do it right there...I'm told that some coworkers pay $200 to have someone come and wash and detail their vehicles while they are at work.  Biggest.Waste.Of.Money.Ever.
7.  Muffin maker and seller...I make damn good muffins.  You know that to be true!  I can even make them mini!
8.  Advertise to make something to bring to a potluck for people who don't want to cook something but also don't want to bring something store bought.
9.  Teach kids in my apt. complex how to cook
10.  Make posters/signs/flyers for people!  I can totally do that!

I did not put babysitting on the list because I can't stand to babysit kids I don't know.  Not that I've ever really done that, but lets say, you should sell your talents, and babysitting is not my talent.  Unless it's an actual baby...I think I've matured up enough to be able to do that.

Most of this I'm only going to advertise around my apartment complex, and maybe the one next door.  This stuff is time consuming, and it would be easier if I lived close.

What do you do to make a little extra money?