Saturday, December 3, 2016

Knitting and Sausage Gravy

I am feeling the need to write again.  I have lots of thoughts that I want to express on Facebook, but I don't want to actually go back to Facebook.  If I do, I'll have a lot of thoughts I don't want.

I finished knitting Lilly's dress.  I need to sew on buttons and I want to put a liner of fabric under the yoke, so it won't stretch as much.  Her leggings and long sleeve undershirt have been ordered.  It took me 8 months to knit that.  It was the longest, hardest project I've ever done. I  learned a lot and I loved doing it. 

Next, I knit a baby sweater for Damian in one month.  I loved knitting it, but I was dissapointed.  The size was suppose to be newborn, but it'll fit him better in a few months. :/  The yarn also tends to stretch too much.  I think I missed gauge, even though I knit a swatch.  I don't think I actually measured the second set of needles I used in the swatch and just assumed it worked.  I knit socks for him out of the yarn in a smaller needle, and those turned out far too big too.  I found even smaller needles, knit a new swatch, and am starting on a hat.  Hopefully this will work. 

It's so strange.  This yarn size says I should use a size 6 needle to get gauge, but I need to use size 3!  And I don't think I knit all loosey goosey.  I want to take a class to learn more about yarn size and labelling.  I just don't understand it from reading about it.  I think I need to touch and see the yarn in person to understand how it's sized.

Next I'm knitting a hat for me.  I already knit the hat once a few years ago, but it didn't fit.  I frogged it, and I'm going to start over.  I love the yarn and I want that hat!!!

On a different note, I started editing some letters to the editor of our paper for a friend.  Then she did a super switch up on me!  She said, Well, I'm already sending this letter in this week, so you should put your name on the bottom of that one and send it in.  And I didn't get the email telling me that until 5 min before I was suppose to load a newborn and a 3 yr old into a car.  There was no time to think!  So, I wrote a letter to the editor of our paper asking people to march for peace and nonviolence on Dec 10 in Grant.  I am super nervous.  But excited.  It's exactly the sort of action I would promote.  She wants me to write the letter for January too.  The only thing is, I won't be at the Grant march in December, as that is my birthday!  I will be eating bisquits and sausage gravy at that time.

I also called my representative!  I asked him to support the Paris Climate Change deal and not let Trump remove the US from it.  What a terrible thing we might do.  I am so scared if we do.  I told someone I called, and she automatically assumed I called about the pipeline protests out in the Dakotas.  I don't fight for the Indians any more.  They made it clear to me they don't want White Man's help and they can handle their own problems.  Also, as we run out of easy fossil fuels, we'll eventually all have pipelines in our backyards, unless we change our oil and gas use. 

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