Sunday, January 22, 2017

Woman's March Lansing

Yesterday was the Woman's March and I went with my family.  Well, we went to the one in Lansing, not Washington DC.  It was a very different experience.  I didn't know what to expect at all.  There were tons of people there and as we were driving in, we saw groups of people wearing pink pussy hats walking towards the capitol.  There were so many more people and hats than I ever imagined and I got teary eyed because so many people cared.  I guess I've just been feeling so alone, thinking only I and the Internet cared.

I finished my hat 10 min. before we got there.  Per usual with my knit hats, the ribbed band was much too large and stretchy.  I knew I should have used smaller needles for that part, I just didn't want to waste time looking for them, not having them, then having to go buy them, or be disappointment for "settling" for the regular size needles I used anyways.  Regardless, it was a perfect hat and it did it's job.

We parked on the top level of a parking garage because it was completely full and pulled out our new used double stroller.  I did not ask for this stroller, it was a surprise gift from the neighbors.  It literally showed up in my yard, so I put it in my garage.  This was our first time using it.  It worked perfectly for an event like this, as we walked to one spot and stayed there and Damian was comfortable and Lilly had a home base with table to run back to and sit down in.  The thing was giant and doesn't turn easily or go up and down steps at all.  Also, we can't fit anything else in our trunk but this monstrosity.

Since I had kids and a stroller, we mostly stood far back and not in the lawn in front of the Capitol Building.  It was so packed, I couldn't get to close when I tried either.  The grass was soaking wet and got very very muddy by the end of the day as well.

There were speeches and there were cheers and there were lots of different signs.  I wish Lilly had a sign so people could ooh and ahh over how adorable she is and make me feel good.  I'm a mother that brought her daughter to an important event for her.  There were lots of well behaved dogs there, but Lilly is afraid of dogs, so she was constantly vigilant.  I didn't hear any of what was spoken or see much up close.  There were too many people and the speakers didn't reach that far back.  Mostly we just sat and people watched.  I didn't expect that to be what happened.  The sun came out and it was warm.  I nursed Damian without a cover and without worrying if I was making people uncomfortable.  He basked in the sunlight.  It was his first sunlight since he was born and he LOVED it.  He was full and warm and a gentle breeze was blowing through his baby hair and he just closed his eyes and was at peace.

At the end, a drunk college girl came up and had this conversation with me about Damian (then in his stroller), also it took me a second to realize she was drunk, or something was wrong.

Her:  Is this your baby?  He is adorable!  A "he", right?
Me:  Yes.
Her to Damian:  You are going to be a handsome man.  Or you can be a woman ,that's okay too!
Her to me:  What's it's name?

What's IT"S name?!  That's when I realized she was either drunk or using "it's" as a genderless term.  She also told Damian to vote for a woman president when he is 18 and told Lilly to never vote for Trump.  She smelled funny, like tobacco unsmoked, and was drooly.  I saw brown flecks coming out of her mouth (chew maybe?) and she wiped it off with the palm of her hand and then immediately touched my children.  Once she left, I wiped them all down. 

Besides her, there were all the different people there.  Some crazy hippies, lots of families with kids Lilly's age running around, lots of dad's watching and carrying the small babies, lots of grandmothers, lots of college kids, and a group of college goths walking around chanting:  What is it? It's Clit!  I don't get the message, but okay.

Then, to top off a wonderful day, we found a Nashville Hot Chicken place to eat at!!!  I didn't even know they made them outside of Nashville.  We would give it a 7 out of 10, where 10 is the Hot Chicken place in Antioch that I love.  There were pictures of the city up all over the resteraunt, and they weren't the typical tourist pics.  There was one that showed the expressway going towards downtown.  I showed Lilly the batman building and told her she was born in Nashville and showed her the spot on the road that I puked.  She loved it.

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