Thursday, January 19, 2017

Knit Today

Today I'm going to knit at least 5 inches of stockinnette.  It should be easy, you'd think.  Yesterday I got about 4 inches, and three of them were in about 40 min.  So, I need two hours of knitting.  I don't know if i can get that.  I'm going to have to distract Lilly somehow.

I'm cutting down on screen time b/c that's a goal.  Yesterday we had MOPs in the morning (my mom's group), so we turned the tv off early.  Then I took a 1-2 hr nap (I'm not sure how long really) in the afternoon and Lilly played my phone and dug her feet into my back the entire time.  But I did not turn the tv on again until 6:15 because I could not do more.  Josh was getting home an hour late too b/c he had a work meeting.  That's about 4 hrs of screen time.  I've got ot get it down to one hour or less.  Sigh.

Right now my reasonable goals are turning the tv off by 8 am every day, and cutting out tv at night, or just 30 min of tv at night.  That gets me to 2.5 hrs or less, depending on when Lilly wakes up.  I dont' know what I'll do about naptime.  I need my nap.  Yesterday when Lilly was tired and still wanted the tv on, I read books to her instead.  She liked that.  So I imagine we will read a lot more books.  I can't really complain about that.  I would like ot get into the habit of reading her a long story  or a novel story at night instead of her tv show.  Wouldn't that be nice?  I just don't have energy left, especially if I don't get my nap!

Maybe I'll start putting her in her room for a few min at nap time and try to increase the time in her room each day.  Change is hard and it's extra hard when you are the one in charge of making hte change happen to an irrational person.  That's why boss's can't be friends with the underlings.

Other goals?  Maybe I'll go walk at the Tamarac today or maybe I'll go walk with my mom.

My coffee is gone.  My baby is crying (the bigger one, the little one doesn't).  Knitting is calling.

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