Saturday, January 21, 2017

Well, I Tried

This morning I don't have much to say I guess.  Josh is home.  I'm eating my donut.  He found out my secret.  I buy 5 donuts.  One for him, one for Lilly, and 3 for me.  Okay, sometimes 2 for me and 2 for him.  When you buy the groceries you can get as many donuts as you want.

Today we are going to Lansing to march in the Woman's March for people who can't make it to DC.  I wish I could go to DC to march for this, but I have no money and a tiny baby.  Also, a big baby and a husband.  My hat I'm knitting for it is 2 inches short!  I'll totally finish it on time, then I just have to fold it in half and sew it up on the sides with yarn. Bam!  Pussy Hat.

I'm excited because Lilly and Damian are going.  In the future, as they grow up, we can tell them that they went to the march, and they can tell their kids, and so on.  I've always wished I knew more or was part of the activism of the 60's and 70's.

I wish I advocated and was an activist in my own life more too.  I guess starting at 30 yrs is better than not at all.  I'm still terrible at sticking up for myself.  I can do it with the doctor though.  It is my right for them to listen to me, I just have to go in with my points and questions written down, and I don't let them go or stop asking/talking until they pay attention and listen to me and have the conversation I want to have.  At times it's hard to do that, I once saw my Ob pull her thoughts and eyes in from what she was thinking about to actually stop and listen to me.  They WANT to have these conversations, they are required to, they are trained to but a busy life of people who don't push to have them gets the conversations pushed to the side.  But I learned if I don't stay on my toes and advocate for my own health, no one else will.

Protip:  Write your questions down, and when the nurse interviews you in the beginning, asking you your weight, taking your blood pressure, etc.  That is the time to list your concerns and conversation topics to the nurse.  She'll write them down and the doctor will look at that list and be sure to discuss them with you.

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