Thursday, January 26, 2017

I Made A Mistake.

I am embarrassed.  On my last post I put said "Huevos Con Chorizo is Mexican for...."  That was a mistake.  It is Spanish for eggs and chorizo.  I am upset with myself.  I didn't even know I wrote it like that until the middle of the night I woke up and realized what I did.

My intent was not to be funny, sarcastic or culturally insensitive.

But life has taught me, intent doesn't mean anything.  Ignorance of the insensitivity doesn't mean anything. A simple mistake doesn't mean anything.

You make a mistake like that, no matter intent or ignorance, and you could get fired.  Knowing I made a public mistake like this brings back a lot of the terrible stomach feelings I would get at my old job.  A simple typo, a minute of letting my guard down, getting the name of a Tribe wrong by one word, would get me called into the boss's office and a long lecture.  Saying "no" and "I dont' know" also got me a long lecture on how I can't say those things.

Now Trump is president.


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