Tuesday, June 28, 2016


My second tiniest child woke up in a good mood today.  She is amazing.

The garbage man and the recycling man came this morning to pick up my trash.  That is also amazing.  I pay 5$ a month or so for that privilege. 

I do not live in Venezuela.  I have food to eat.  Not only that, the government gave me $20 to spend at local farmers markets for Project Fresh, to help WIC people get more fresh food and help stimulate the local economy. That is amazing.

I am not as afraid of being shot or raped as a person in Nigeria, South Sudan, Syria, and other parts of the world.  That is sad.

I have a home.  Even if I don't like it and blame my house for making my new rug look bad, I do get to live in it and it meets my needs.  That is amazing.  It meets my basic needs, not my first world problem needs.  The utility sink is not really for using...it is a filter to slow the draining washer water so the basement doesn't flood.  I have to go somewhere else to wash my Teva sandals...90's version.

Which reminds me.  I wore my Teva's in lake water, then I left them in my hot hot hot car on a 90 degree day, wrapped in a plastic bag, still wet.  Bad Idea.  The smell was terrible.  I couldn't wear them until I washed them.

Okay, my child has requested mac and cheese, toast and jam and a pear.  This is the first tiem ever she has requested this much food.  or food that wasn't candy.  I have to feed her!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Today's Thoughts

So England is leaving the EU.  I really didn't think it would pass and that they would.  Like the rest of the world.  What do you think about it?  Right now is the first time I wish I had FB since I quit b/c I want to know what different people in the US or out are thinking about it.  I would compare it to situations occurring in the US right now and other such stuff, but you can just to a worthy newsource and find out yourself.

I made strawberry Jam yesterday with my mom's help and kitchen!  They are beautiful.  I bought four quarts and made about 10 jars of jam (9 for me and the extra in a jar for my mom) and two bags of cleaned berries to be frozen.  I thaw them in the winter to put in Lilly's smoothies.  I bought a quart of berries two days before and didn't eat them, so the next day, they were too squishy to eat, so I cleaned them, added sugar, and blended them to freeze for a wintertime strawberry ice cream sauce.  Or...maybe mix into cake? Who knows!

So far I have stocked up on frozen rhubarb (they make excellent frozen teething sticks) and strawberries.  I want to can peaches and make applesauce this year.  That is my goal.  It's going to be hard b/c I can't stand for that long and not be in pregnancy pain.  I think Mandy is going to help my mom and I with the peaches and applesauce b/c she wants those too.  I'm skipping on corn and green beans as my freezer is full.  I may skip blueberries too b/c I froze those last fall and didn't use them! So so sad.

I am planning a picnic themed birthday party for Lilly.  It's exclusive, yet casual.  I'm only inviting her normal playdate friends, to keep it small and manageable.  It's even being held at our normal playdate times! There will be "a lot plenty" of balloons and cake.  I'm thinking I'll make it carrot cake with homemade cream cheese frosting, but it'll be in a rectangular glass dish.  None of that fancy round two layer cake with frosting on the outside AND inside. Sigh.  That's what I want to do, but I know reality and I know myself.  It will keep me more sane if I do the simpler flat cake.  I did entertain the idea of cupcakes for a few minutes, but then, I came to grips with reality.  This party is going to be extreme and awesome and yet still fit into my limited energy and limited time lifestyle.  The bonus part is that Josh is going to be there and he is super good at playing with kids outside, so he's incharge of games.  I'm thinking an obstacle course and bubbles.  The ages range from 5 to 1.5 yrs...so, nothing too organized.

That's all I have planned, so I need to get going. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Another Post Yet Again

Josh just came in from outside with Lilly, and found me crying silently at my computer.  I had been reading the latest post by the Yarn Harlot. Again.  I cried over it yesterday too.  One of her daughters got married yesterday, and she was remembering how it was before everything was going to change that day. 

Josh says I am sooo pregnant and smiles.

I'm sad and depressed today.  He let me sleep in until 11:00.  My coffee is making me feel better.

I miss the days before aps and smart phones and intrusive ads and constant data tracking.  AVG has a pop up everyday asking me to buy their product instead of just use the free one.  Bill Gates REALLY REALLY wants me to get Microsoft 10.  As if.  There is no minesweeper.  You have to play your games online so that you can get ads with them, just like on my phone.  No thank you.  I don't need ads with my solitaire. Imagine all of the extra data tracking in it!  I'm starting to sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist.  I suppose I want to be paid for my data...and maybe, you say, I am b/c Mircrosoft 10 is free.  But it's not, there's the darn ads and pop ups.  I still pay for it with brain space being warped by the ads.  I'm thinking of learning linux and going in deep to block ads and unwanted notifications.  Someday, you know, when I have time.

I don't know what else.  I spend more time undoing stitches than making stitches in the dress I'm knitting lilly.  The more I assertively express myself, the angrier people I wish would support me, get.  The books said that would happen.

I'm taking swimming aerobics at the gym, so I can exercise and be pregnant.  I like doing that.

We aren't moving until the spring now b/c we have to save up money for closing costs.  I don't want to live in town, but the only houses we can afford are in town.  Maybe we'll move to newaygo, the houses are cheaper there.  I have a feeling we would fit in better in Newaygo than in Fremont.  I was once told that Newaygo schools have a drug problem, but I suppose I'd rather it be in the open and acknowledged, than hidden and shamed, like in Fremont.  B/c just because no one knows there is a drug problem, doesn't mean there isn't one...and drugs are every where.  Everywhere.  I did not smoke pot in high school, but I did try to get alcohol.  I could not get hte alcohol, but I have a feeling, I could have succeeded in getting the pot.  This was before prescription drugs were what they are...or I was super naive on those.?  Prescription drugs are what scare me most.  I could go on and on on the lack of information, education and regulations of those.

Also, isn't it ironic (in the way that pisses me off) that the generation that created Say No To Drugs, are the most addicted to prescription drugs currently?

For Father's Day I got Josh a new shaving kit from Harry's.  It's a german made online company that sells refill blades for 2$.  The same men who started this company started a similar one that sells eye glasses for $99, any style, I dont' remember what that one is called.  To find razor refill blades for my Gillette razor, I had to go to ebay to get the quantity I wanted for the price I wanted.  I did not want to spend 18$ for 8 blades.  So I got five for ten dollars.  That should last me a year or so.  :)  I rarely shave.  Also, it's cheaper for me to get the men colored ones than the women colored ones.   Back to Harry's.  Now when Josh needs new razors, I just place an order instead of going to Walmart.  I hate walmart.  I want to go right now b/c I want to buy stuff and I want to be in air conditioning.  But I don't want to walk around and look at cheap crap made in another country reminding me that I can find higher quality for a similar price if I try harder.  Walmart sucks out my soul and depresses me.  Then I have to buy their southwestern chipotle salad in a wrap to make me feel better.  It does.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Short and Boring

If I was into social media, I would tell you that I got my inbox down to 58 emails!  I feel better in life.

My round ligaments are stretching.  Vandy failed to tell me that that was what this pain is called when I was pregnant with Lilly.  Luckily, it's not as bad this time*.  It is pretty much my least favorite pain of all time though. 


I joined the local gym and am taking swim excersize classes now.  I love them because no one keeps a beat to the music, many of the ladies chat while doing it, and I never feel like I'm about to die.  Also, I don't look stupid, there is no left or right or quick switches....AND it's all underwater so no one sees my mistakes.  The only problem is that it is 4:30 to 5:15, and Lilly is very very grumpy and cranky when I pick her up from the childcare center there.  She doesn't want to leave.  She cries.  She wants to sit in the parking lot.  She wants to look at the grass.  What are these little flags for?  It takes 5 min for her to get in the car and lots and lots of crying.  She usually cries all the way home.  She doesn't want the air on, she wants the windows open.  She doesn't want her window open.  I need to prepare her with snacks I think.

She doesn't eat enough.  She doesn't sleep enough.  All she does is run in circles and hop.  I don't understand.