Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Quick Little Thoughts

I am having a grill out dinner tonight with a few friends.

I'm nervous.  I hate hosting.  I hate more the time right before they show up and you are sitting around and doing nothing, just waiting.

I cut my hair short.  I no longer feel like a pretty princess with long flowing hair.  Now I dont' know what I am...well, I am tough so that's a start.  I secretly worry that it's a little mullety in the back.  I go back in 5 weeks for a trim, I may have her adjust it a little so I'm not worried.

I think Josh is back...Ackbar walked towards the door.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Quick Story:

Title:  Nashvegas

I came.

I studied.

I broke a leg.

I hated hipsters.

I got married.

I drank PBR.

I wrote a thesis

I worked in the mall

I got a salary job

I work for the Indians.

The End.

Needs a little flushing out really.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Looks Like I'm Angry Today

Well, hopefully my traveling is done for a few weeks.  I spent last week in Marksville, Louisiana.  It's a small town of about 1000 and a casino.  I spent all of my time in the casino.  It was a pretty uneventful week, and I would not want to bore you with the details of conversations of people I only see 3 times a year.

Instead I think I would like to talk about making bread.  I hear it's a hippie thing to do, make your own know to live simply and be one with the Earth and not eat processed food.  But I think the hippies are wrong.  I'm pretty sure an expensive loaf of whole wheat organic 12 grain bread may be healthier than homemade white bread.  Are these hippie bread makers buying 12 different grains, whole wheat flour, etc to make their bread or are they just buying the cheapest bleached white flour available to make it?  (Bleached white flour has all of it's delicious nutrients removed from it). 

I suppose I just get annoyed when people talk about eating healthy and organic and look down on me because I enjoy my taco bell taco immensely. 

To me making your own bread is not about living simply and being one with nature and going back to your roots, etc.  It's about being in control of what you own, what you buy, and what you eat.  A way of going against the consumerism market.

I think that makes me a hipster, not a hippie, but equally as annoying.  Damn.

Anyways, I make bread because it's fun and I like eating it.  Plus we don't go grocery shopping regularly, so sometimes we run out of bread.  Growing up, making bread was always a job, part of the household chores.  A very much more enjoyable chore, but still it was something my parents did same as vacuuming and making me clean the bathrooms, and I still see it that way.

Also, I vacuumed after I got home yesterday from my trip.  Josh did it first, but did not get all the nooks and crannies (we had a dirty spot that REALLY needed vacuuming, and he half assed it, but thought he did good.).  I then had to empty the canister and clean the filter bc he didn't do it and it was FULL.  So then I had to revacuum after him and I picked up a ton of stuff the first go around missed.

Now he's at work all day today and tomorrow.  I haven't seen him all week and I won't see him all weekend.  He works Saturday and Sunday next weekend too, even though he asked for it off. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Complaints and a Terrible Diet Coke

I really hate that Josh works on Sundays.  It's like my weekend is only one day long.

Yesterday was wonderful.  We slept in, had breakfast, went shopping for clothes for me sweet shoes instead, stopped shopping EARLY!  Only went to one store before I was sick of it, went out to Red Robin for lunch, ate a hamburger with a fried egg on it, went home, watch Mystery Science Theatre 3000, read my book, cooked dinner, read my book more, went to bed with Josh.  Oh, and picked up the living room a little bit.

It was a perfect lazy day.  Today we woke up at 7 and he went to work for 12-15 hrs.  :(  I read for a little bit, then took a several hour nap.  I woke up, tried to function, called my mom, read some more, then fell asleep for another several hour nap.  Oh and Ackbar slept on top of me too.  Then cleaned himself.  That's how he casts his sleeping spell and that's why I basically slept until 3:00pm today.

I was suppose to clean the entire house and go grocery shopping and make vegetarian chili and banana muffins.

Did you know I got back from Palm Springs at 10:30pm friday night?  It was the worst travel day ever.  I shall list everything that went wrong.

1.  Woke up at 4:30.
2.  Found out at 5:30 am, after I checked out of my hotel room, that my flight was not scheduled for 6:30 am like I had thought.  It was really scheduled at 1:00 pm....about 8 hrs later
3.  Couldn't switch flights at the American desk b/c it was a Delta flight
4.  Couldn't switch flights at the Delta desk b/c it was an American routing number
5.  Couldn't check bags until 4 hrs before the flight.  Had to sit around for 4 hrs with large luggage.
6.  Breakfast cafe was closed, had to wait until it opened
7.  Finally checked bag, went through security, into beautiful outdoor courtyard airport.
8. Finally got on plane...saw a coworker get on too...
9. Tried to sleep.  Guy next to me had hairy arms like a bear and took up too much arm space.  I can forgive leg space, but not arm space.  His arm hair kept on getting entangled in my arm hair.  Grooooosss!  I had to scrunch up to the window (HATE the window seat) more than I've ever had to before
10.  Got off plane, had to walk 1/4 mile down a cement tunnel and my foot hurt sooooo bad and my luggage was heavy and I was miserable.
11.  Coworker, who was at one time my friend, walked past me and disappeared.  And due to reasons 3 and 4, I knew that there was only 1 flight a day out of Salt Lake City to nashville...  so we were both on it
12.  Could not find the bathroom in this airport for the life of me.  Past many good resteraunts in search of a bathroom, finally found one after asking.
13.  Ate an over priced chicken pesto sandwich.  Two of the workers there treated me like I was stupider than chicken dung.  That was nice of them.
14.  Waited for an hour
15.  Got on 20A.  It was a window seat (which I HATE), on the very last row of the plane.  Very. Last.  Couldn't lean my seat back.  And these are too straight up and down...I basically had to sit leaning forward.  Couldn't use my neck pillow b/c of the seat.
16. Ordered a Dr. Pepper to make me feel better when the drinks came around.  The lady brought me a diet coke. 
17.  Finished my book that I had started that day.  Had an hour left to sit and do nothing, uncomfortably.  Wrote angry things in the airplane magazine and finished the sudokus. 
18.  Got off plane, made it to luggage.  Had to ask how to get to Fly-Away shuttle, a car parking facility my work bad directions
19.  Couldn't figure where shuttle would be.  Saw it and ran up to it just as it drove away.
20.  Had to wait for next shuttle.
21.  Got on shuttle, sat down, relaxed for the first time all day...guy came up and asked me for the parking slip they gave me when I parked my car.  Could not find it.
22.  He asked for my name. I told him.  I spelled it. I showed him my ID so he could read it.  He then radiod back that he picked up Lindsey Butchered-last-name and then he spelled the last name terribly wrong and used all sorts of letters that were not in it.
23.  Got my truck.  Wanted to listen to angry music.  Plugged in my phone, put on pandora, and put on the tool channel b/c I couldn't find my death metal channel.  Turns out Tool isn't angry and I got home before I could even get any music I wanted to listen too.

That's about it I guess.  Once I saw Josh everything was wonderful and he took care of me.

I think the very worst part of it was the Diet Coke.

Also, all week in deserty Palm Springs my allergies were gone! I didn't cough or sneeze once.  I slept through the night, it was wonderful.  Then the second the pilot announces we're over Nashville and are going to land in fifteen minutes, I start sneezing, my nose starts running and becomes plugged, and I start coughing.  Damn me before we even landed!