Sunday, January 8, 2017

Gotta Have Money To Make Money

Today I placed an order in at  They are like an online costco, only you don't need a membership.  I like them more than Amazon Pantry b/c I got free shipping at $35 and I didn't have to do a minimum sized order.  Pantry has you "fill a box" before you can complete the order, causing me to buy more than I would intend.  I usually only do a pantry order when I need toilet paper because toilet paper fills a box quickly.  I use these websites instead of going to Walmart.  I got bathtub cleaner, garbage bags, deodorant, toothpaste, dishsoap, paper for my new printer!, masking tape and a light bulb.

I looked at yarn balls, but they were twice the price I pay for them at Michael's.  Also, I do not need them.

I read an article headline on NPR Ed that writing about goals helps students reach them, or something.  So here are a list of my goals:
1.  Obtain and maintain a bi-weekly routine.  Has to be every two weeks to match Josh's schedule.
2.  Brush my teeth and Lilly's teeth every day, twice.
3.  Pare down my clothes so that everything fits in the closet and drawers.
4.  Create a motivational chart/activity to help promote positive behavior from my children.
5.  Make a chore chart for the family.
6.  Make and manage and stick to a proper budget.
7.  Buy a house.
8.  Eat a vegetable at one meal a day (short term), long term: feed my family the proper servings of veggies every day
9.  Lose 50 lbs, long term.  Short term: lose 30 lbs.
10.  More important than losing the weight, I want to build endurance and feel strong in my body, as if I can do anything without tiring because I am so good at excersizing.  I want to have an active lifestyle more than I want to lose weight.
11.  Brush Lilly's hair every day.
12.  Drink my water.

I guess that's it for now.  It's time to brush Lilly's teeth and hair so we can visit Dah in the basement....or as I call it, prepare to set up my printer!!

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