Monday, March 1, 2010

So today I realized even more so how awesome my sister is.  You thought I was awesome?  You should meet her. She's just like me but refined.  She appreciates a good poop joke like the best of us, but will not repeat them while you are eating, on accident.  She has extra pointy teeth.  She has a superior sense of fashion.  She was smart enough to remain smaller than I can't take her clothes.  On occasion I do get a pair of sweet sandals....if I'm lucky.  Her feet are smaller than mine.  Yes, that's possible.  That makes 3 adults I know of who have smaller feet than me.  I don't remember anything about one of those people except that she wore size 5.5 and annoyed the hell out of me.  Let's see...Mandy is a far superior artist than make up for it I am a far superior geologist.  I wonder who got the short end of that stick? (Hint: It wasn't her.)  She does this super cute smile frown thing really fast when she's thinking.  She hates it when I do it back at her.  She doesn't yell when she gets angry, and I am unsure if she does get angry.  She is also shorter than me...ultimately making her cuter than me.  She is better at doing her hair and makeup than me too.  Far better.  But I think (think) I got the better hair...  Mine doesn't get incredibly cute devil horns like her's does...but that's just splitting HAIRS (yes pun intended!) because our hair is basically identical.  I don't know if she likes puns or not or uses them.  She is also very quiet and never talks too much, unlike me.  I bet she is a better listener than me.

We both know how to work hard, because we both grew up on a farm.

Finally.  She owns a chip and dip tray, that she made, that looks like an old-school Nintendo controller.  That pretty much tops it.  I put a pic up on my Facebook. 

Ackbar hasn't made me angry since the ankle biting incident, so he's probably staying.  Sarah and Heather brought him some mice toys and catnip and he's oh so much happier with them, I haven't seen him so active or playful until he had neon mice to kill.  He is a mouser.  I just wish we had some real mice for him to catch.  We read up on Maine Coons online, and they say that those cats are not vertically inclined.  Therefore, Ackbar is horizontally inclined...which he proves to be true by sleeping all day on his side.  He is not so stinky and poopy as he has been too.  I'm very careful of what he eats.  Oh and I got kitty treats to help train him.  (The Internet says Maine Coons are easily trainable...for a cat).  I am training him to come running to me every time I come home.  It's been a lifelong dream of mine to have that.  Only it would be better if he was female and had a litter of kittens and they ALL came running and meowing when i got home.  Then we could all wrestle on the floor and play and have fun.  I'll be satisfied with just Ackbar and no meowing and no kittens.  Dreams always come true in a way you didn't expect.

Speaking of dreams coming true, I own 6 wonderful chairs that will never break.  I got them for free from a coworker.  He had been storing them for 13 yrs, without the table.  Beautiful.  I didn't know what to expect in how I would get chairs, I just knew I wasn't going to buy them new.

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