Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm Sorry Mom

I talked to my mom today on the phone while I was out taking a walk.  She told me she lost all her documents in her documents folder.  Do you know what's funny, it really is her documents folder.  I think she has a folder inside MyDocuments that is called Peg's Documents.  But she lost everything that was in it.  It isn't deleted, just lost.  She can open them up from word and she can find them if she searches for them.  But she is unable to figure out what folder they are in.  Personally, I'm hoping she accidentally hid the documents, so that they are all still in that folder, but invisible.  That would probably be the best.  I told her to see if she could see what the folder path was when she searched for the documents.  She told me that it said they were .doc files. Which is true, I'm sure they are.

I then changed the subject because I am not very good at explaining computer stuff to her.  Do you know what I changed it to?  Helping her use to find cheap airline tickets. 

She is going to visit me when I get to walk and go to graduation for getting my Master's.  She tells me it's May 14 at 9am.  If you go you will get as much free champagne, strawberries, and expensive cheese as you can handle.  Josh and I were double fisting the champagne last year.  There were mountains of strawberries. I've never seen so many strawberries at once.  I can't wait to go back.

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