Monday, March 15, 2010

Nom Nom Nom

Today many years ago Julius Caesar was killed.  Many years later, but still many years ago, Shakespeare wrote a play about it.  And now people remember it all.  I always wonder about these things, I mean, it's been so sure are we that he was killed on this day? And did he really say "Et tu, Brutus?" or whatever it was he said.  How much is fact and how much is remembered as a mixture between fact and creative liberties Shakespeare may have taken to make his play more interesting.  Then all of that could have been mixed up and dumbed down to be taught to school children.  And yes stuff is definitely dumbed down.  The more I advanced in my geology education the more I realized that what I was taught and then teaching, in my intro classes was so dumbed down it was basically lies.  That's okay though, because you need a starting point that's easy to understand and then you build on that.

Google says that "The Ides of March" is the hot thing being googled right now.  Surprise surprise.

Last Thursday I went with a coworker to a meetup to see a blogger she's been reading for years.  We were a bit early (even after picking Josh up to work), and so she brought us to Grimey's.

On Wednesday night Josh and I went downtown to pick up a couch from a storage unit that we are getting from a friend.  On the way home we passed The Basement, an out of the way music venue.  I saw that there were lights on and the doors open, and what looked to be a used book or something shop on the inside, and I said to myself..."I need to go there!  I need to know what is in there and if it is interesting enough to buy."  And it turns out that that was Grimey's!  I had no idea until I got there.  It's a store that sells new and pre-loved albums and cd's.  It's the best one of these type of stores I've ever been to.  I was able to find a used copy of Neko Case, Tornado Love, which I've been wanting since I heard her interviewed on NPR last spring break in Nevada with Josh in the parking lot of The Nugget, in Searchlight.  Then I also found a copy of Johny Cash that had all the songs on it I've been wanting.  I wanted both those CD's so bad I had put them on my list of stuff I want.  And now I get to cross them off.  How satisfying.  I also wanted some Norwegian Death Metal but I couldn't find any.  I did get a crazy swedish cd in which one of the songs is titled Ted Dansen...whom I watch constantly.  All that's on our tv is Becker or Cheers, usually in a row.  The band sort of sounds like Modest Mouse meets Weezer, but not unique in its' sound, like those two bands are.

At the meetup, I met the blogger girl, she was very skinny and very nice.  I drank a girly drink that was vodka (top shelf, not well) mixed with chardonay.  It was sooo tastey!  I know it doesn't sound like it would be, but it was surely was!  I also talked to a creeper there who is a corporate sales person for Cracker Barrel and didn't want to say anything bad about Flint.  He said he was there in the 90's and it wasn't too bad.  Not so sure I believe him on that one.  Did you know that I eat at Cracker Barrel a lot now?  It's true, I do.  It's across the street from work, so people go there a lot to eat.  They employ old ladies who are more scarey than cute because they have to deal with douches all day and that makes them mean, not sweet.  Also the old ladies are not very good at being servers.

After the meetup we ate dinner at 12th South Taproom, sitting outside.  It was so nice and fun.  I got a Reuben because I couldn't help it.  They are my all time favorite and I can't resist them, even with an entire menu to look at.  The second I see Reuben, I have to eat it.

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