Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Funny Faces and Buttercups

Last Saturday Josh and I went to The End to see Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band play. This was our second time seeing the, both being at The End. The first band to really play was called Apache Relay, and they were actually pretty good. They are a fun band to watch play because several of the members show their personalities so well. Josh and I were excited because we've seen the base player around town a few times (I don't think I've ever talk to him) but he makes the most awesome and intense faces when he is playing.

About a year ago we went to Bongo Java to listen to our friend Alan Thompson play in their attic stage. The band that went first in that set was Apache Relay, only I think it was one of the very first times they ever performed. I say this because they were really bad. They weren't quite together as much as a band who've been doing this a long time is. They have a lead acoustic guitar/singer, a mandolin, a violin, and a base (the concert last Saturday had backup guitar and drums too). The violin player looks like my brother, they are both skinny with very thick red hair, and my brother tried to play the violin when he was little as well. The lead singer also seemed like he thought he was a lot better than everyone else in the band.

So when we saw them all again this past Saturday, they were more practiced, had a rather large and hipster-y following, and hadn't cut their hair since the first time. Except the base player, he cut his hair, but not his beard. The lead still thought he was amazing shiza, but also thought the rest of the band was as good as that was a nice improvement. He was totally into himself and the moment, and at the same time lacked a little self confidence. At one point Josh and I turned to each other and said, at the exact same time, "He reminds me of Eric." Seriously we said that together, so it must be true. Eric was a tragic figure of both Josh and I's pasts.

Rev. Peyton's Big Damn band was as good as the first time, only the audience was not. The first time we went it was a Tuesday, so it was much emptier. There was a lot more people this time, including Rock-a-billies. To tell the truth, I have never had a great experience with Rock-a-billies and I think they are kinda silly. I mean, really, who wants to bring back the 50's punk? Anyways, all the rock-a-billies started moshing up front to hillbilly music (yeah, there's a juxtaposition to think about), and they were kind of dangerous. It definitely took away my enjoyment of the concert. And I got stepped on once and it hurt. There was a he/she there moshing, who was shorter than me and looked to be 12 yrs old. Josh is sure it was a she, but I saw him go into the men's bathroom.

After the concert, we and Bob and Jacque (who had a great time as well, so I'm told) went to Cafe CoCo and had an after concert snack. I haven't done that since I moved out of the dorms I think, but it was so fun! (Gone out to eat after the bar that is). A plus was that I wasn't so wasted or drunk that I couldn't function properly, so I definitely did not make a fool of myself. The older woman behind us in line was drunk and I think she stepped on Josh and then called him Buttercup.

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Let me know when you write a book, I want to read it