Thursday, March 4, 2010

And You All Thought REEs Were Boring...

Yesterday at work was so exciting! And my mother was not home for me to call and tell her all about it. So I called my sister and told her...on her birthday. Sorry Mandy, Lame birthday present. Now you guys get to hear all about it.

First, I was able to swipe the wireless keyboard and mouse from the unused desk in the expanded hall (there is no better way to describe that area). The keyboard has a button on it, and when I press it, it automatically pulls up the calculator. Yes, it has a calculator button if you will. Even if none of the other kickass extra buttons worked, as long as I have this calculator one, my life is great. There is also a sleep button and a log off button, and a mail button and a webpage button. It took me a very long time to find the delete button, but it was just the largest one next to the backspace key. Go figure.

Second, I'm getting a new chair! When my supervisor asked, I was all, YES. Because I'm learning that if someone asks you a question like this, just say YES and don't ask questions. So then, they were like, what chair do you want? And I was that rolls better than the one I have now. Not a good enough answer I guess. I got to sit in my supervisor's chair to test it, and I was like, sure, that chair is good. Everything on it adjusts. I told my supervisor that I didn't care what the chair did, so long as it reclined. She gave me a LOOK. Apparently recline was the wrong word to use. I just like chairs that give a little when you flop back into them. I told her I like to slouch when I work, similar to when I drive.

Turns out that chair, they basically picked out for me, was the most expensive one there is at Staples. Which I knew it was.

You see, I have a best friend and old roommate who LOVES office supplies as much as me, and we spent (and Josh and I as well, this is a great hobby of mine)time sitting in and testing all the chairs at Staples and rating them. Once I even knocked down part of a display wall doing this. I know that some chairs look super comfy and aren't and I know the super adjustable all mesh ones are the most expensive. So when they asked me if my supervisor's chair would work, I said yes.

I also knew though that the girl who does the actual ordering dislikes waste and is a very economical person, which I can't disagree about. Her and my views are similar. So she sent out an email with the link to my supervisors chair yesterday, and asked if this was the right chair and good enough. I said YES, after spending time reviewing all the chairs that Staples offers on the internet. I want it not because I really want the most expensive one, but because I don't want to spend money on a chair that turns out to not be comfortable. Then today she sends out another email with two different and less expensive options. (I really did see this coming!) and I knew she had spent a lot of time researching chairs and coming up with these options. And I thought it was all taken care of the second I sat in the chair and said, sure this chair works, the first time. So I researched these new chairs, decided on the cheaper one because, in fact, it is more similar to the actual chair I wanted than the one in my supervisor's office, and I can pick the color. I was going to get alpine.

Now I hear, she found a company, with help from the IT guy, who brings chairs here and we all get to sit in them and test them out and pick the ones we want! It's a dream come true!

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