Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trapped On A Pirate Ship

I am uninspired today, so I am using a promp I found on the internet:

7. Write a story titled, "My Journey on a Pirate Ship." You and your friends can star in the story. 

I was on this ship, this wishy washy wavy ship for so long now.  It did three things.  It moved up, it moved down, and it moved in circles.  

Stupid monkey!

If only he hadn't thrown the paddles overboard.  Once I found out the monkey was still on board, I threw him over...but clearly too late.  Damn, I hate monkeys.

With out paddles we were at the whim of the sea currents.  I did have some ropes tied up just in case a herd of whales or porpi (plural for porpoise, I'm sure) swam by.  One-Eye-Roger was skeptical of the plan.

"Arrrgh! So ye thinks ye kin jess tie these here ropes ont' the pORRRRPIIiiii and asks them t'bring ye ter shore?"

"Yup." answered I.  I'm plagued as an optimist, plus One-Eye-Roger didn't know I could speak aquatic languages.  They always say to hold your cards close and since I was working with stab-their-own-mothers-without-blinking-pirates, I was most certainly going to hold my cards closer.  Plus as captain, I never (rarely) need to explain myself.  

Several weeks later we were still in that wishy washy wavy ship just looking for those damn porpi or whales.  I was hoping for porpi because I wasn't sure if we had enough rope for whales. Plus whales can be tricky...much like the elusive moose.

As I was saying it was several weeks later and One-Eyed-Roger was looking to eat the cook, while I was checking our destination with my trusty, but never dusty, sextant.  When suddenly I felt a swooshing and a wooshing underneath me and the ocean started to swell all around the boat.

"THE WHALES!" I screamed gathering the crew and preparing the rope.  Just as we got to the edge of the boat, a rather larger and slimy tentacle reached over the edge of the boat.

"Now where have me seen that afore?" Mused One-Eyed-Roger.  "Apon me mother's beard, it's a kraken."

"A kraken?" I shouted again, once I start it's very hard to stop. "You mean a sea beast that looks like a giant mile long squid?  A beast that has mythical origins but scientists have proof of large kraken like creatures existing?"

"AAarrrrghhh!!!  That's the beasty aiight!"

"I'LL TAKE IT!"  Yes, I'm still shouting, but in my defense the boat was rocking mightily and I wanted to catch that sea creature kraken thing no matter what.

Me and the crew, we gather up the rope, and according to plan and practice, we threw it as hard as we could.  The Gods were with us that day because as we cast the rope out, the head of the kraken emerged with large roly poly eyes stuck straight out of the water and slid right into the loops of the rope.

"PULLLLL!!!"  You thought I was yelling before, you should have heard that shout.  It echoed off the overhead clouds filling the wishy rocking swelling ship with the sound of thunder.  And sure enough, that rope tightened up around the kraken, and according to plan, he took off at high speeds!  I only hoped it was towards land.


Anonymous said...

Well, see, I think you'd be good with a book

Anonymous said...

Well, that's a start at a book

Db said...

Thanks, but I prefer to write short stories. I may do a book of short stories. Unsatisfying short stories that don't have a real end, or that end with the main character in a bad situation, I like to write those.

Db said...

Oh and this story is a light hearted dark comedy full of pop culture references. It's true! That's why I love it.