Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Justin's Birthday

It's Justin's birthday today!  I always love celebrating Justin's birthday because he's able to do with green beer.  Sometimes I think he gets sad because people want to celebrate St. Patty's Day more than his birthday, or that he feels he has to celebrate double or something.  I just think that Justin is awesome and St. Patrick is awesome and therefore today is SUPER AWESOME!  If I have a son born on St. Patrick's day, I shall name him Patrick Justin.  I am sure Josh will agree.  If it's a girl, her name will be Patty Justine.  Maybe Patronella, but call her Patty instead of Nelly. Patronella is my Oma's name, and my aunt's.

Oh yeah, I was going to describe Justin.  I hope he doesn't mind.  He's tall with a nice smile...when he uses it.  And he only uses it when something really is funny.  Like REALLY funny.  Therefore he is a funny person because he has a good humor meter.  He is quiet and thoughtful and generally only speaks to say something funny (at least when I'm around), but he isn't an extrovert comedian or anything.  His sense of humor is some of my favorite, and probably some of the least understood.  He once found the id card of the some guy, twice. He hates someone named Paul.  He is nocturnal generally, and is a pretty good WoW player.  In fact he was playing the first time I ever saw WoW (Josh made me watch), maybe 6 or 5 yrs ago.  I remember he was killing wolves with his dad, and I just didn't understand or comprehend in any way.  Oh, he has a dog...well probably a family dog, named Chubbs.  Chubbs is pretty sweet, but he doesn't like girls.    Sometimes Chubbs would visit while we were in college together.  Oh yeah, Justin is one of Josh's friends from high school, and then he went to CMU as well.  He and Josh lived together for 2 years.  Justin and I have teamed up to bother Josh while he's been sleeping a few times. 

So, how will I be celebrating Justin's birthday?  Well, I cleverly (I give myself too much credit, it just worked out this way) chose to work from home on Thursday. This allows me to sleep in an extra 1.5 hrs, therefore I can go out tonight, but not have too much fun.  Just enough, which is fine by me.  I bought a groupon, which is a neat internet coupon thing, for 9$, the groupon gives me $20 worth of food at the Dog of Nashville.  So Josh and I are going to have beer and hotdogs for dinner.  Mine will be wrapped in bacon and deep fried.  Then we will head downtown to see what's up.  I may try on some cowgirl boots because I really want a pair to drive in.  Apparently the most comfy things to drive in are boots because of the heal.  I believe it too.  My ankle boots are the easiest thing to drive my truck in. 

Hopefully I'll see some of you out there tonight!

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