Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Everything I am Thinking about

Oh my goodness.  I am a big fan of Erin Brokovich.   And the movie.  I mean, the real story is so good and so is the movie.  My dream look has always been what Julia Roberts wore in the movie, shirts so low her bra shows, but she makes it classy.  Too bad I'm not quite so tall and lean as Julia Roberts. :/  But I do beat her out in the chest area...i bet she's wearing pushups in this movie.  I can't wear push ups because I might choke myself and die.

Click here for a special Message.  Sometimes Josh does that dance.  It's probably one of the best things I've ever seen.

And...yes I did go there.

So, I eat whole grain, I excersize, I don't drink pop, I own a cat.  And yet, I am still 15 lbs over correct weight for my body type.  I should just except it, like I do my hair.  But am I really happier letting my hair win?

Do you know what Ackbar likes?  He likes being on Jury's and saying "Guilty!"  He's not so happy go lucky as Josh and I.  Sort of like if we had Republican Baptist children, because they chose that lifestyle.  Which by the is what I'm sure we'll have.  Especially if we continue to live down south.

I got a Legos Catalog delivered to me at work today.  Made my day!  I didn't read it until I was in the car with Josh, which is good because it was Hilarious!  It was all about super tall camels and ostrich racing.  Yeah, I know it doesn't make sense.

I've been watching Legend of the Seeker a lot on weekends.  I have decided that I would prefer to read the books more than watch the tv show, even if the old wizard looks like Jonny Knapp.   I don't watch the show Brother And Sisters with Ali McBeal woman any more because it is always sad.  Happy things seem to happen, but really not at all.  It's just sad.  That's not why I watch tv.  I watch tv to gain a false sense of happy endings in life.  Unless I am watching Becker.  Then I am watching to laugh and then feel uncomfortable.  I mean seriously, every time I watch that show, it's funny and then I feel uncomfortable.  I love Becker, and Ted Danson.  Cheers is on sometimes too and I watch that.  Kirsti Alley, I think, is prettier now with all her weight than in that show.  But this might have something do with her giant 80's shoulder pads.

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Anonymous said...

You rickrolled me again! But it's ok, because Heather danced and sang to it when I clicked it. Totally worth it.