Monday, March 22, 2010

Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle

I like my engagement ring.  It's pretty darn sparkly.  I did just wear it in the shower...cleaned it off a bit, increasing the sparkle.

I was talking to a girl the other day who was maybe 24, maybe, and she was married.  She had on her engagement ring that I believe had three diamonds and the middle one was HUGE.  Bigger than my other friend's diamonds, and I thought their's was big.  Then her wedding band had about 15 small diamonds in a row on it, and the metal was so shiny, I bet it was white gold.  I always think it's odd seeing such an obviously young looking person wearing such expensive jewelry.  I mean, really, where did this guy, just out of high school get the money for that shiza? (I may have heard a lot of her life story...not that I minded, I liked it).  Maybe it's all fake, like mine.  It's true, I'll admit, mine does not have real diamonds.  But that does not diminish the sparklyness of it.  Okay that's a lie, as a geologist, I know that Diamonds are coveted because when they are cut just right the sparkle the most.  It's got something to do with their molecular structure.

Someday when Josh and I both have good jobs and can afford something silly like real stones, we are going to get two emeralds (tear drop) and a diamond (square, princess cut?) put into my ring.  Until then I am enjoying the sparkles it already makes.  I want emeralds because they are green and are more rare than diamonds.  Idealy I would go out into the field and collect these emeralds myself.  I feel that I already have...I've found green corundum.  I can't ever remember if corundum is emerald or ruby or if they are the same but different colors.  But whatever I found it wasn't gemstone quality.  I THINK I found green corundum, it may have been something else.  It was six sided and NOT quartz.

Oh do you know what I realized the other day?  I realized that I hated Kanye West BEFORE it was even cool to hate him.  It's true.  My first year at Vandy I went to a concert where he was at it, and it was horrible and boring.  Horrible.  I won't get into details, but I do believe at one point the entire audience fell asleep because he was so boring.  Then he sang a song/remix that used my favorite Daft Punk song.  At first I was excited b/c I love Daft Punk, but then I was angry because he made the song terrible and he played it so loud it ruined my hearing.   I will forever blame my poor hearing on Kanye.  Someone at work's ring tone is that song.  At first I was like, Awesome, Daft Punk! And then I was like NOooooo...Kanye!

Then after Kanye ruined my hearing, he ruined Bonnaroo while we were there.  Don't worry I boycotted his show because I hated him.  Not that I needed too, he ended up playing 8 hrs late at 4 am.  Ask anyone who was there, Kanye ruined Bonnaroo. Finally, as I'm sure you all know, he ruined Taylor Swifts acceptance speech.  But by this time I already disliked Kanye so much, nothing he did or does warrants my attention.

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