Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Words To Say and To Laugh

Do you know why I like Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquil?  Because I love to say "SQUEAKQUIL!"  I think it's one of the best puns/play on words, I've heard in a very very long time.  It's so appropriate and fun to say!

Other things that are fun to say:

1.  Mailman Pants
2.  Teepee Pointy (think as the name of your first born)
3.  Mudlodge Roger (also a name, but just fun to say anyways)
4.  Alberkirqui Turkey Jerky
5.  Sea Anemone
6.  M.Knight Shamalonalonalonalonalon (sometimes it's hard for me to stop saying this)

Let's see.  Last Friday I went rollar skating at a rollar rink with Sarah and Heather.  It was so much scarier and harder and painful than I ever imagined.  I could only go straight or faster.  After a while I mastered making the turns around the rink.  I didn't fall once.  The place was filled with people 15 yrs old or younger.  Some of them thought they were SO COOL, and all of them cared what others thought about them.  You could feel the caring.  It was refreshing to know that I didn't care at all, in any way.  I didn't even wonder if I looked cool because I was older.  I didn't...I just looked old.  I didn't do the hokey pokey with everyone, and at first I was sad, but then after the first verse I was incredibly happy I didn't.  I always did the hokey pokey when I went to Skate Estate when I was younger, and I thought it was fun, but then Friday, I remembered I did the Hokey Pokey because they threw out candy when you put your whole body in.  It was my only chance as a child to get candy.  (I kid I kid).

Saturday morning was so nice Josh talked me out of washing the outside and inside of our vehicles by hand and into going mini-golfing.  There is a mini-golf course near our house that is a little run down and beat up.  Money hasn't been put into that place in years.  We did the castle course and I WON!!!!  I won by a lot!!! I got 2 holes in one and many holes at par!!!  I only got a score of +6 once!  I wore a skirt that was too short though, so Josh had to pick up and put down my ball for me.  My mistake. 

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