Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stabalized With a Table

Apparently NBC is moving Jay Leno's show back to its old spot and wanting to push Conan back an hour.  After he waited 17 yrs to get to this show and this timeslot, after he moved from New York to LA, and trust I can tell, he doesn't like it too much out there, NBC is basically saying he is not as good at Jay Leno.  Which we all know is not true.  Plus I liked Jay's new show and time (early, like 8 I think) because it was the only good thing on tv some nights...well until I discovered Criminal Minds.  So Conan is leaving NBC...I hope he starts up a late night show on Fox because they'll let him do a lot more funny stuff there.  Not that I'll ever be able to stay up late enough to watch it.

Last night was wonderful.  Josh had the day off of work, so we was there when I got home!  He had done the dishes and some that neither of us would have to do much work once I was home.  Then we cooked a steak dinner.  He brought home a kobe beef steak from work.  We had corn and peas, sweet potato fries, and mustard greens with it.  And we ate it on our BRAND NEW TABLE!!!!!!!  It's been forever since we were able to set a table AND bring the food to the table!

My parents brought me the table.  It's not my original table but a new one my dad built with legs that can come off and fits in my mom's car.  I can't wait to crafts on it, and Josh can't wait to build his new computer on it.  My parents visit was great!  We saw the Avatar in 3d, ate at Jack's BBQ, went honky tonk'n, saw downtown torn up and full of holes because of all the broken water lines, went for a 5 mile hike in the snow at Cedar's of Lebanon, my mom got some awesome vintage boots from a freaky fleamarket lady for 5$, and we ate some real Mexican.  My parents got "fagitas with guatamala".  And then we went to the Station Inn and heard their open mic night.  They met our friends throughout that too.

But back to last night.  After dinner, in which I did the dishes right away because I needed the rag to wipe off the table, and if I was going to get it wet for that, I might as well wash all the dishes too.  Then we played WoW, and both leveled to 55 within a few minutes of each other.  We are also raising our own raptor mounts right now.  I can't wait until mine is big enough to ride!

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