Thursday, January 21, 2010

Excited For The Mail

Last year Josh and I went as Damn Liberals for Halloween.  I'm not sure that the hardcore Texan closet republicans knew what to make of it, but I suspect they were offended.  Just for good measure of course.

It rained and thunderstormed all day yesterday, and I think may again today.  That's okay with me.

I exercised for one hour yesterday and the day before!  Today I am going to go on a 1/2 hr walk on the elliptical I think, and then play racket ball when I get home.  And maybe sit in the sauna my apartment complex provides but I always forget about.

Today I think I look cute, but I also feel a little witchy.  It's because I am wearing ankle boots with a short skirt.  I'm not particularly a fan of ankle boots without jeans.  Anyways, it's a new dress I got at TJ Max.  It's brown,green,cream plaid, and cowgirl ish.  It stops at my knees and is a v-neck.  I found a cream belt I had to wear with it and it looks a lot better.  It's a large and I think that's why I don't like fits me well, but it doesn't accentuate my features.  Oh well, it was on clearance and it works for at work.  I can also wear my brown tights underneath for warmth. 

I get 25$ gift cards to from my credit card and sometimes I have a hard time using them.  I think that I need to get the best thing possible for my money or something I actually need to save money since it's basically free.  And it stresses me out and then I don't use them.  So last night, I had 2, and I just picked out things I want!  I got some stuff I need (cableing needles), and some stuff I want.  I got some more princess books, books on many different ways to cable knit, a book on FaireIsle Knitting which I've been wanting, a mini-flower press b/c it was the cheapest thing I could find and would knock me into free shipping, a book that describes different people you see in large comedic stereotypes, and maybe another princess book.  I'm pretty pumped and can't wait for it to come in!  5-7 days.  Shipping sure has gotten a lot faster.  I think it's the processing the order time that has been greatly reduced I think.

Last night in WoW, Josh and I attacked an elite volcano elemental who just wouldn't take any damage.  It was an epic 5 min. battle where both of us ran out of mana and he threw me off the side of the volcano mountain.  It was intense.  We kicked his ass in the end, and all he gave us was some tar pitch.  I think we may have to kill him again for a quest because there is a trunk in his cave that we can't open...and we are on a quest chain in that area too.  When he came back to life (nothing in WoW stays dead for long), a human palidan came along and killed him sooo fast!  But he was 8 levels above Josh and I, and did drop down to 100 hitpoints.  I contemplated taking him out while he was weak...but decided to be nice.

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