Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow Fall of '10

It's going to snow 1 to 4 inches tonight. Yesterday they sprayed my road with no-ice stuff (liquid salt?) to prepare.  I thought it was rain/ice when I was driving in, and was confused as to why only some lanes were wet, and I did not drive in those lanes in fear of dying.

I am having Josh pick up some sand bags for my truck today. Nothing like waiting until the last minute...AND who would have thought this year would be the year for a "snow storm".  I had gotten annoyed at life and my mom a few months ago b/c i didn't know where I was going to get sand for my sand's not like there is a beach anywhere near here.  I had never realized that sand is hard to come by.  And then one day I looked outside and saw my sand volleyball court.  So now I have sand.

We might have a snow day tomorrow, or at least a 2 hr. delay. I'm really hoping for that b/c I am planning on staying up late tonight cleaning.  My parents are visiting this weekend if this snow storm dies down before friday!  I bet it won't.  Snow likes to ruin all of my plans.

My alarm on my cell phone did not go off this morning.  I dont' know why.  It was set for the am, it was on.  In fact, i have it set to go off automatically every weekday, it was plugged in, and the sound was on high.  I don't mind though...I just called my supervisor and came in.  No one making me feel guilty, like at a retail store.  AND I got an extra hour of sleep.  I tell you, I feel great!  It also may have to do, as well, with the fact that I have gotten my acid reflux back under control.  Every once in a while it acts up really bad and I lose sleep, become angry, and it effects all aspects of my life.  I take my pills, eat right for a week and it goes away.  I thought it came and went with stress, but this time I didn't really feel stressed out at all.  But I have been eating poorly because of the holidays.  I am fixing that now, lots of fruits and veggies and fresh food for me.  And I love it!

My mom changed her facebook picture to one of her and my dad wearing overalls and handmade by them straw (raffia) hats.  It's like they are the backwoods parents who live out in the woods and don't talk to strangers, and I am the girl who lives in the big city.  Like that one movie, Brown Eyed Girl (?).  The one named after the song.  Except I am failing at the big city thing...I have moved out of it, and got a job at a non-profit next to a Waffle house.  I do not own big city clothes, but shop at the goodwill more than I ever have.  Oh well.  I do own one pair of black pumps with tall heals. They were expensive and SUPER cute.  I can't wait for it to warm up so I can wear them again.

Speaking of the weather, I own 2 sweaters from at least 5 yrs ago.  I realized today that I don't own many warm clothes b/c when it got cold for the 2 weeks of the year, I wore hoodies.  I have like 6 of those, but can't wear any to work. I'm sorta sad that my hoodies are becoming obsolete.  They are like good friends and I hate getting rid of them.  Each one represents an important part of my life.  I'm thinking hoody blanket!

In the words recently written by my mom:

In a while cockadiles.

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