Saturday, January 23, 2010

RrrAWWRrrr Velociraptor Attack!!!!!

Sometimes I get annoyed at Facebook.  Today is one of those times.  It's just too much.  Too many people, too many words, too many opinions.  It's this big mass of people and thought that's uncontrolled.   Oh well, I'll get over it.

Josh says that in 10 yrs there won't be enough airwaves left to support how many cell phones there will be.  That's something.

We put my bedskirt on my bed today.  It's pretty cheap looking, but I like it.... I don't want to give my bed airs or anything.

Oh yeah, yesterday Josh officially got his Associate's degree and got his transcript updated!  So now he is Associate Josh and I am Master Lindy. 

I'm reading Jurassic Park right now by Micheal Crichton.  It's an AWESOME book.  It deals with several of my favorite things:
1.  Geologists albeit paleontologists
2.  Dinosaurs
3.  Ian Malcom whom I will always picture as Jeff Goldbloom
4.  Fractals
5.  Chaos theory - which is not my favorite but Dr. Ian Malcom is constantly relating it to using math to study turbulance and the weather...some of my more favorite subjects to ponder and study on the reminds me of Dr. Furbish
6.  Dinosaurs
7.  Velociraptors - even though they scare me

I love it when movies and books are able to apply the science well enough that you don't see through it.  That's what Mr. Crichton is able to do in this book.  I think he does it in his other books as well, but I haven't read them so I don't know for sure.  Avatar was not necessarily written by I scientist I think, but they definitely had consultants to help make it more believable.

I think velociraptors are probably some of the scariest things out there.  The book describes them as even faster and smarter than the movie does.  This is probably because the mind can imagine it so, while robotic velociraptors probably just can't move fast enough.  I remember when that movie came out.  My dad took my siblings and I to see it in the theatre and it was soooo awesome!  I was also too scared to go outside alone for a week after that.  And then at night I would remember all the times I was outside alone or near the woods and would imagine how easy it was be for a T-Rex to leap out and eat me.  Or the spitting one with the neck flaps that killed Newman.   That's the worst dinosaur there is!  I still don't watch that scene.  Then Good Morning America did a peice on the movie exploring how they made the dinosaurs and how they made them so realistic.  And it's still realistic, even though they didn't use computer animation!  That's what's so amazing.  Sometimes I think computer animation takes away from the creativity of movies...but I also think that's changing.  It's a new medium and people are still exploring what they can do with it.  Soon someone will do it right and it'll be awesome.

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