Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Evading Full Service

The other day I spent all day reading Jurassic Park during a tornado warning for some part of TN and there was a tornado touch down confirmed.  I was very nervous about driving out into to the tornado and I was very scared of raptors jumping out of all the closets in my apartment and eating me.    So I was spooked and I had to drive to Tamara's boyfriend's house to watch the game.  It was dusk and windy and freaky-right-before-a-storm out and I could perfectly visualize a t-rex in the trees.  And then I realized I forgot my phone and had to walk through it all again back to my apartment from my truck.  Finally, ready to go and hopefully raptor free, I decided to stop for gas.  The gas meter gets stuck and I was just under 1/2 a tank, but I thought I should be more so...which I was. So I stopped, got out of my car, and a guy leaped out of no where asking me if I wanted complete service for a little change.  I froze.  Maybe if I didn't move he wouldnt' see me, just like the dinosaurs.  I didn't know if he worked there and I accidentally picked the full service gas pump, but I knew that couldn't be it because this is Antioch.  No one here wants that.  I told him I didn't have any change, which is true, I survive solely off plastic. 

That's a lie, I did have some cash on me, but I wasn't going to give it to him!  First of all, I'd have to open and unscrew the gas cap b/c it locks and I have the key to unlock it, and second of all, why would I pay to have someone wash my windows? That's my favorite part of getting gas!  The whole thing was very awkward...I could appreciate what he was doing...trying to work for his money, I just don't like to be caught unawares.  Plus he had a very nice coat on, he didn't look too homeless...not that that matter much.  I was just afraid of dinosaurs and very confused.

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