Friday, January 29, 2010

It was suppose to snow last night/this morning...and so far...not a flake.  All the schools were closed...all of them in middle Tennessee.  ALL OF THEM.  And yet I'm still here at work.  It was suppose to start with rain, then move to freezing rain, and then snow.  It was going to be bad. 


I get to go home at 11:00....  I just got the email.

That's what bothers me.  I have to wake up, drive here, do no work (because 1. it's friday 2.  I do my best work after 11:00 anyways), and then drive home in the freezing rain.  Goodness, there is no making me happy is there.  And I was lying, I do my best work between 9 and 11 anyways.  Honostly.

Last night I went out to eat with some friends.  I was a little stressed out because I've been so tired this week and I went out on Tuesday night too.  We decided to go to La Hacienda which is a delicious Mexican place on Nolensville Road, but it's also the "white" mexican place on that road.  It's where all the whites go...the mexican's get their tacos from the Taco Trucks.   I can't wait until I get a taco from one of them!  So we get to La Hacienda and it's closed.  Like closed closed where the sign is taken down and there is a small crane thing out front.  This was pretty sad because I really did enjoy the one time we ate there before.  It was amazingly good.  We had to switch our plans on the fly and ended up going to an Ethiopian place that was literally around the corner.

It's called Gojo Ethiopian and it was amazing and sooo relaxing.  The server guy, who I suspect is the owner, was nice, joked around with us, and was just pleasant.  He took forever to take our order and bring us our checks and even pick them up.  This was perfect because we took forever doing all of that too because we were so busy talking.  The night I was stressing about turned out wonderful.  I must say I was only stressing because I'm a big baby, and they were only little stresses.

I also got to bed by 9:40 and was able to get a full 8 hours of sleep...i think.  I kept on waking up and it didn't seem so restful.  But it was sort of like Christmas Eve...I couldn't wait to see all the snow in the morning and sleep in and have a snow day.  I even dreamed that 6 inches of snow fell.

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