Friday, January 8, 2010

Secret Wars in my Yemen

Today there was a two hour delay to go to work, only the message wasn't changed when the higher ups said they would, so about 6 of us showed up on time...  Annoying.  I even got in a fight about the weather and me driving in it with Josh.  Not that it was actually snowing or raining or anything.  It was just cold and I imagined the thin layer of water on the roads yesterday freezing up and being ice.  Plus this is the first snow fall and it reminded me very strongly of when I got in my accident with my first truck.  I also had to drive my truck in this morning because Josh had to drop off all the recycling which was in the car.  I was very nervous to say the least and I kept on snapping and being mean to Josh.  But he was being mean right back.

I was watching the news and checking the weather online to see if the roads were indeed icey...ALL the schools were closed, so I thought maybe.  Only the news was talking about Nigerians and Obama and failed security.  Josh starts talking to me and he's telling me that the US is sending in missiles and troops to Yemen now and the news is not covering it...only NPR.  And I was all "I DON"T CARE! THE INTERNET ISN"T TELLING ME IF THE ROADS ARE ICEY AAAGGGHHHH"  So it wasn't that extreme but close.  And Josh was all "YOU DON"T CARE IF THEY ARE STARTING A THIRD WAR IN YEMEN AND THE NEWS ISN"T TELLING US ABOUT IT!?!?!"  So we had a political and weather related fight this morning.  Then Josh was constantly telling me that the truck is safer than the car now b/c of the sand bags (which we may have way more than neccessary back there) and the new tires...and I was trying to tell him that my fear was more mentally substantiated not physically substantiated. Then I accused him of not listening to me and trying to start a secret war in my Yemen.  Then the fight was over because neither of us can resist such a good joke as that one.

On a side note, there was no ice.

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