Friday, January 15, 2010

So on Monday nights there is nothing on tv, and on Tuesday nights there REALLY is nothing on tv.  I only get about 8 channels, so there isn't much to choose from, but it's usually bad.  One channel, channel 17 Ion Television, is sometimes good tv but usually Jesus tv, so don't trust it much.  Every night there was this one mystery show on. At first I thought it was an old detective movie, but then the same freaky guy who always has his mouth open and talks without emotion was ALWAYS on so I knew it was a tv show.  I got so mad at him...I think once I even yelled at him for being on the tv and being so dumb.  Then one night there REALLY REALLY REALLY was nothing on, so I decided to watch that show despite my dislike for that guy...and now it's my favorite tv show.  It's called Criminal Minds, I think it's well known b/c I saw the dvds for sale at Target.  It's a mystery detective show like CSI or Law and Order, clearly it's up my ally. 

Just before Christmas I was watching TV with Josh and I was telling him about how much I respect Jason Alexander.  He's the guy who plays George on Sienfield.  I saw him once, by chance, on PBS singing and dancing in front of an orchestra...and he was being funny!  it was one of the best things I've ever saw.  So I was telling Josh that whenever I get a chance to see him dance and sing or act I always try to watch, because he truely is talented.  Then Josh left for work and I changed the channel on tv and there was a bad Christmas movie on with non other than Jason Alexander!!! I watched it of course.  Unfortunately he didn't sing or dance.  I also like the irony that he played George, the most despicable character ever.

So the very second Criminal Minds show I watched had Jason Alexander playing crazy evil philosophy professor.  That pretty much sealed the deal for it being my new favorite show.

Side note the guy I used to hate but now love just said "No I'm floating around the idea of an even eviler twin...the evil twin's twin who is even more evil." I love it!

I've been playing around with my photo editor.  I wish I had text to go with the pictures to tell a story.  That would have been much better, but I don't.  These shrooms are growing on a tree in the woods behind my apartment.  On Christmas eve Josh and I went back there and took pictures.

This is another world where little people like beings live.  They have six legs and a carapace. 

This is my husband in the desert.  I think the heat and sun is getting to him a little.  Maybe it's the Vegas atmosphere...getting him a little shiny.  I think he's very attractive.  Very.

This is me.  I'm not as attractive as my husband.  But I'm an INSANE diver.  That's true.  I never miss an exit.

Finally, this is Margot.  I feed her sometimes...but she'll only eat when I leave the room.  Once I saw her fall off a shelf...we both were sad about that.

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Anonymous said...

Margot said to tell you this is her favorite picture ever. She made me set it as my desktop background.