Friday, January 15, 2010

Babies Babies Everywhere

It's that time of the month and I have baby making hormones racing through me.  I hate it.  I woke up the other morning after I dreamed I was pregnant planning on turning the tv room into the baby room and putting a crib in the bedroom.  Then I had a headache.

When my mom visited, she realized, and then told me, that it would be a "Terrible thing if I had a baby right now! That would be horrible!"  Which is opposite of what she's ever told me...except when I was in high school.  I most definitely was not to have babies in high school.  And now I would like you to take a moment to imagine my mom and I trying to raise MY child together, when I'm 16.  I bet it would have been loud.  Very loud.

Anyways, when my mom told me that I should not have any babies it would be terrible, I was I like, I must prove her wrong! Babies are not terrible!  And then I realized that I agreed with her.  Josh's comment was that my mom really knows how to use reverse psychology on me well.

Also, there were babies all over the radio and tv last night and this morning.  I can't get away.

The person I relate to most at work is the part time security guard who walks around and talks to people, but most people are annoyed by him. He's pretty cool, he's not an educated city person, but more of a woodsey fixes up cars person.  I like that.  He also makes bad jokes that are pretty funny.  He's fixing up a Chevrolet Luv truck right now.  He's going to make it a Klassic.  Like a classic car but updated with infinity speakers and subwoofers (whatever infinity means?).  But that makes the Luv truck even more sweet.  Luvs are my favorites of all the trucks and they don't even make them any more!  I have ridden in one up in the mountains of Idaho (literally on the side of a mountain on piles of rocks), and Calvin used to own one too.  This security guard too, also approves of and understands the humor of putting my itty bitty Mazda truck on lifts with GIANT tires.  No one else here (Nashville) truely gets it.  They all think I'm stupid and crazy.

Three day weekend!  I get Monday off for President's day or something. 

Last night Josh and I rearranged the TV room for a baby...and by baby I mean Josh's brand new super awesome computer he is building from scratch.  He says he is building a 900$+ computer for only $500 because he bought all the parts (innards as I call them) separate and put them in the tower himself.  Yesterday he realized that he forgot a surge protector.  Luckly Windows didn't come in the mail yet so he can't plug it in until it does.    It was a lot of fun organizing stuff and going through our pen collection and throwing away the bad ones.  We even found some VHS tapes and put them up on the shelf as some retro decorations, you know, to be cool and hip.  And then we were sad that VHS tapes are considered retro because that means we are retro too.

Yesterday my mom sent me an email asking me what Retro meant.  When I told Josh he said I should have emailed her back and said "retrograde!  Duh!"  Which is hilarious b/c that's such a stupid answer.  I love stupid answers. 

Finally, this is why I started this post..(really I forgot until now)..but I want to tell you all my goals.  I want to start exercising hard core and run a 5k at the zoo and be energized and able to not be breathing hard just by going up the single flight of stairs to my apartment.  The best way to do that I hear is to write down your goals and to make them attainable.  Well...I did not attain this weeks goal even though I wrote it down.  The goal didn't even involve exercising, it involved me packing up all my exercise gear and bringing it in to work.  That's it, and I didn't do it.  Nope.  So I have to take more extreme measures.  I need to tell people about my goals and I need to set a reward. (mostly I want the reward).  I'm going to make the goal a little tougher though. My goal is to exercise for one hour at work everyday for three weeks starting this Tuesday (I have Monday off remember).  When I am done I can buy myself $30 worth of Etsy merchandise...whatever I want, even if I can make it myself.  I'm thinking a knitting organizer pouch or something to put my knitting needles in, but we'll see.  So that's everyday until feb. 5.  But I can't stop once I reach the 5th, by then I'll re-evaluate and set new goals.

Exercise includes: weight machines and any of the machines in the gym at work.  If I miss a day at work I will then have to play raquet ball with Josh.

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