Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pauly Shore is NOT Dead

...because I saw him tonight! And he put his arm around me.  As you can see in the picture below.

Josh and I kicked off Pauly Shore Christmas 2 this year by seeing him perform, live, in person at Zanie's Comedy Club.  He barely did the weasel thing...he says it ruined his acting career.  It's probably true...but he was still hilarious!  Josh and I got to sit front row, touching the stage, center.  We shared the world's smallest table with a couple who didn't particularly want to be there. 

Josh almost high fived the second comedian, but didn't see the comedian raise his hand for the high five b/c he was laughing so hard.  In the end though it was good he missed it because the comedian wanted to high five a KKK joke, and we aren't really about the KKK here in the Colombini household.

The best part was when Pauly Shore was talking about how awesome Nashville is compared to LA because here you don't need to worry about your image, and then he pointed to Josh and said "You can't wear that shirt in LA, man, you look like you're 12!"
And then later when Josh was laughing at a raunching sex joke, Pauly Shore was like "Stop, you can't laugh at that, you're 12."
That was my favorite part.  That and when he would start acting like the Wheee-eee-zul.  Awesome.

Just so ya'll know, Josh and I have started a tradition called the Pauly Shore Christmas, where we watch all his movies in order of when they are produced the week before Christmas and finish it up with Pauly Shore Is Dead on Christmas day.  We by the way now own a signed copy of that movie.  We started it last year and you can't really watch Jury Duty more than once a year.

On other less exciting news, Josh and I found a drawer cabinet desk thing and an upright lamp in perfect condition next to our dumpster.  Both were perfect for our den.  Josh had to remove the broken drawer and buy some wood to fix up the desk thing, but it is really the perfect tv stand/entertainment center.  And it was all free! 

One of my coworkers caught me sleeping today....but it wasn't like I decided to go to sleep.  I was reading a book about Indian Laws in the US sitting upright and I wasn't even holding my head in my hands.  I was just sitting there reading a really dry book and bam, eyes closed!  I heard him walk up (my office door is always open and people can see right in when they walk down the hall), and I opened one eye groggily and stared at him, and he watched me visibly try hard to wake up.  He is a really nice happy guy though and thought it was hilarious, and sat down and talked with me for a while to wake me up. Which was hard because my brain was still groggy and not working right.

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