Thursday, December 17, 2009

San Francisco

Well, hello.

I am currently in San Francisco right now.  It makes me sad because ever since I came here last year I couldn't wait to bring Josh back for Christmas this year.  But when it was time to order the plane tickets we couldn't afford it...even with my ticket being paid for.  Mom has always wanted to visit this city with me too, and again I am here, alone.  Not really alone, I am with all the girls from the Vanderbilt Geology department.  Which is nice and all, they are nice girls, but they are much more interested in learning geology from the conference we are at and in finishing up papers and projects for the end of the semester.  I just want to go shopping or go home.

We walked so much yesterday, and it was with Ayla, and she walks super fast.   My legs and ankle are so sore today.  Hopefully this will jump kick me into exercising more when I get home.

So my brain is a little slow.  I'm going to stop now.

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