Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cats, Furniture, and Food

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving because I sure did!  It was an I Am Your Face Thanksgiving, full of nerdy vegetarians and vegetarian-appreciators, and cats.  Lots of different cats.

Josh and I went to our friend's Heather and Sarah's house for brunch and dinner and after dinner drinks.  They also invited another couple of couples, but only one couple came from brunch, and then they had to get to their own Awkward Asian Thanksgiving. But while they were here we listened to Alice's Restaurant, which I really enjoyed.  I'm not sure if I've heard it before or just part of it, but I really like listening to it.  The stereo we used didn't have the fm antenna hooked up so it was pretty fuzzy reception, which made it  even more awesome, it seemed like we actually were transported to back in the day huddled around the radio.  Except Josh required that the Lion's football game be on, muted, at the same time.  He kept on silently cheering (or groaning).  OH and we watched the parade.  It was like a small family holiday get togethor.  Basically it was completely opposite from what I'm used to, except there was still peach and blueberry pie (not my mom's pie, but the closest I could get to it) and fluff.  I think it's my Aunt Tina who makes the fluff, but it's just whip cream, cottage cheese, manderin oranges and your choice of jello.  It's my favorite.  When I discovered that I could make it myself, it was very similar to the day you discover you can make bacon for yourself AND eat as much as you want. (You HAVE discovered that haven't you?)

For dinner we had a To-Furkey, and it was DELICOUS!  It was far more amazing than turkey and ham combined.  Of course, as you should all well know, I do not like ham. And turkey is not far behind on my list of things I do not like.  The To-Furkey was moist, tasty, filled with something that seemed like stuffing, and filling.  The best part of the whole vegitarian dinner was the fact that I never had to wonder if I was accidently eating turkey gizzards.  I always worry about that.   The To-Furkey was also just the right size, there was not a GIANT bird or ham left over. 

We stayed the night in a nieghbor's apartment that Heather and Sarah were cat sitting for.  No worries, she knew we were staying AND we knew her and she knew us.  So I could also say we stayed at another friend's house.  She has a cat too.  Sarah and Heather have 3 cats, a 17 yr old cat named Bridget and then 2 yr old brother and sister cats, Margot and Micheal.  The cat in the other apartment is called Stinks, and Josh was taken to her immediately.  Stinks was pretty cool, except for when we got into the bed, BAM!  Allergy attack.  I have never had an allergy attack, but that was one.  I sneezed, my throat swelled up, I couldn't tell if I had heartburn or if my lungs were weakening.  Eventually I fell asleep and woke up when Stinks almost sat her bare butt on my face, luckly I moved in time.  Other than that Stinks was the best bed cat I've ever slept with.  She laid next to me, not on me and not inbetween my legs, and she moved if I needed her too.  I got to pet her all night while I slept.  We decided that Stinks is hyperallergenic.

I ended up not having to work Black Friday, and so Josh and I went to the Goodwill to look for furniture.  Not because it was Black Friday but because we were both in town not having to work that day.  We got three peices, a small end table that's sort of shabby chic style to hold the stereo and record player, a tall bookshelf, and a smallish, incredibly heavy yet sort of trashy armoire.  The armoire is workable and in our price range, and they usually aren't, so I got it.  Then it turns out if we bought a smart card, which is like a Band Card for 12 dollars, we would get a second smart card free and 20% off our purchase, and since we were spending so much the 20% not only paid for the Smart Card but it still saved us money off our purchase.  The smart card gives us small discounts on all sorts of places we go to for the next yr.

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