Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mini Muffins Are Mini Food

People.  I. Am. Awesome.

I just measured 10 tablespoons of the cheapest off brand canola oil into a baby-food jar I just happened to have laying around and then added one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol.  Then I shook it! 

And now we wait.

Soon I shall have a baby food jar with 10 parts biodiesel and 1 part glycerin, if I'm lucky.  It turned milky white when I shook it.  Kimmy's dad made biodiesel when we were in high school and she brought it in and showed me in chemistry class. It was pretty awesome even then.

I am making corn bread mini muffins for work tomorrow...though it is my bed time and josh is not home yet!  He is buying the milk so I can finish the recipe.  I was out of sugar too!  I had to substitute  brown sugar but I bet this makes it taste even better.

It rained sooo hard today, all day long.  Then in the worst of it I had to drive from work to Vanderbilt.  At one point, as 40 turns into 24 and then turns into 440 in one swift move all the lines on the road disappeared.  They had been doing roadwork and they ripped away all the lines! I didn't know where I was going or what I was doing or where I was suppose to be.  People were passing me left and well left (not right) and I was so scared.  They weren't passing me on the right because without knowing I was slowly drifting in that direction.  I was suddenly next to the shoulder and I didn't know how I got there.  It was horrible.  I was hydroplaning I'm sure and my car slipping.  On the way home it wasn't raining hard but I did not want to take the expressway.  The roads don't drain and the spray up from all the cars severely decreases visibility, and I don't like to drive on 5 lane roads with people who want to go 55 in the left lane 80 in the right lane and the same speed as me in my blind spot.  So I took the Briley Parkway exit and got onto Murfreesboro and took that to Bell road and then that home, and I only went 45 the whole way and no one was bothering me. It was truly wonderful and I think it prevented a gray hair or two.

I washed my dishes with biodiesel glycerin soap and now everything smells slightly funny like fish. But it cleaned my stove off really shiny and nice!

Yesterday I had a meeting with Calvin and Guil about my poster.  First it took 15 min. to find a computer and open it, as a read-only file, so we couldn't actually change anything or look at the diagrams I had on the outside of the poster.  Now that I think of it, doing it that way was counter productive to what I wanted to do at the meeting.  BUT we did get to use the computer screen that is the same size as my tv.  And I have a large tv.  At one point Calvin was like "Now look, Lindy, at these three figures over here, I like these." and then he pointed off somewhere in quick Calvin mouse motions somewhere in the far end of the screen so I said "Wait, where is the mouse? I can't see it." and Calvin got all flustered at me and was like "Lindy, where do you think it is? It's over here at this part with the map and the figures!" and I was all "Calvin! The screen is huge and I lost the mouse and there like 10 figures, how do I know which one it is?" and I'm pretty sure this whole time Guil is trying to say something too.  Then Guil and Calvin laugh and I glower b/c I just want to get on with things, and Guil goes "this was just like a year ago...nothing has changed!" and I was like "A year ago? Really?  I feel like I haven't even left yet."  I didn't say that part because I couldn't comprehend it being so long since we had a meeting and argued.

So that's that.  Oh, but I did want to say that I got enough sleep last night and I am feeling a lot better about things.  I've decided that even though I can't do "what I want when I want" I get to do a bunch of things that I only get to do once a year.  It's a bunch of adventures!  I can do what ever I want any time, but I only do Christmas now....that's all in theory of course.  I doubt I ever get to do whatever I want.

I wonder if I added enough alcohol to the oil.  The ratio is the most important part of the whole process I've read in my research.

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