Wednesday, December 9, 2009

And I always listen to Tim Gunn

Two days ago I believe, I was heading home around 8, and I called Josh and he was heading home too! Only he wanted to stop at Target to buy these ridiculously expensive boxes of magic cards that he was going to sell on Ebay for a profit.  Working the auction house, if you will.  So I told him I would meet him there, and I did.  I bought a present for someone and then we found the bowls.  I don't know how or why but Josh and I don't have enough bowls in our set and then he went and broke one.  So while we were in Target we purchased 3 more bowls and some smaller dip ones.  I've never seen these smaller bowls that match our set before.  I was pretty excited because small bowls are my favorite...though Josh said we had to get rid of some of the ones we have to make room for these.  We'll see.

So we were waiting in line and the woman in front of us bought a box of off brand douches (though...what would a brand name douche be?  Tiger?  Ooooohhhhhhh Snap!) and she also got a five pack of chapstick and a box of Magnum condoms.  Man oh man, we knew what she was doing that night!

Then it was our turn and the little bowls didn't have a price sticker on the bottom of them.  The cashier guy just didn't know what to do, you could see him thinking, "Little bowls...little bowls...what the hell do I do?"  I made his night by volunteering happily to go get another bowl (from the very farthest away point of the store) with a sticker on it.  When I got back the sticker fell to the floor and Josh saw it.  I was glad it didn't fall while I was walking back.  The guy scanned them and wrapped each bowl up individually in tons of paper.  He admitted to never doing something like that before so he wanted to make sure he did a good job.  I was just itching to take it out of his hands and do it myself.  I could have wrapped all those little bowls up in one piece of paper so good and then stacked them in the larger bowls and wrapped it all up perfectly twice as fast as what he was doing.  I've gained this skill from moving and working at Hallmark.  He did a good job, even if slow, but then he was afraid to put all the clothing and thongs I bought in the same bag.  I had to tell him more than once that clothing can go in with the bowls, I'm not picky.  Because really all it will do is protect it more!  Speaking of thongs, they were only 75 cents each!  That's less than a dollar!  So I bought a bunch to wear with all my work clothes.  Tim Gunn says that underwear lines are unacceptable.

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