Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I got a little upset last night when I realized that I watched tv and relaxed with Josh instead of....finishing my Christmas cards.  Therefore my Christmas cards will most likely not go out until after Christmas.  I hate that.  Next year I'll hopefully have less to do and can start earlier.  I mean in theory I would have less to do, I'll have an 8 to 4:30 job and no kids.  I should have all the free time in the world right?  It sure doesn't seem like it.

Next year I'll have 5 days in a row to not work at Christmas time (our floating holiday was unfortunately added to Christmas so I don't know now if Josh and I'll be able to take a trip in the spring...unless I magically use some sick days).  Don't think too much about this, it is a year away, but we're hoping to go back to Michigan next Christmas.

Yesterday I drove to the foggy fog fog that was freezing...and I got out of my truck and it was dinging.  Josh told me that my ignition was loose and would do that sometimes, so I jiggled the ignition, and it wouldn't stop, like he said it would if I did that.  I got really annoyed and was a little late for work, so I went in.  Half way to the door, I heard a plane but could not see it (fog) but it was soooo low and loud!  I have expected it to drop right out of the fog and hit something.  It didn't, it probably just landed at the airport nearby.
When I got out of work I got in my truck, and bam! No battery b/c the dinging was trying to tell me that my lights were on, not that my keys were still inside.  AND Josh got me jumper cables for my birthday but I didn't put them in my truck yet.  Lame.  Luckily the security guard had some and was able to help me.

When I leave work I have to turn left and there is always super busy rush hour traffic.  There is a median in the road first, so it's always super risky and scary b/c no one actually pulls into the median area in the right spot b/c there are no lines and since there are no lines there, there are no rules!  it's a free for all with your car!  So I pulled half way across the street and stopped in the median to wait for traffic and I was about to go but was so frazzled still from killing my battery, that I stalled out.  I nearly freaked out b/c what if my battery wasn't charged enough yet!?!?!  oh man that would have sucked! But it did and I was able to go on my way accident free.

Until I got to my apartment complex and a dude pulled out in front of me without stopping or looking.  I honked my horn at him.

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