Thursday, December 31, 2009

The emodillo curls up backwards with his belly exposed and says "hurt me"

Tonight Josh and I are driving to Memphis to spend New Years with his sister at their new house.  It should be relaxing.

Yesterday Josh realized that he forgot to renew his car registration, which must be done by the end of the month.  So today, we slept in until 8, and then went and got the car emissions tested.  There was a very short line...which was bad because I accidentally stunk up the car just as we were pulling in.  Oh well.

His car passed easy (which we weren't sure of that happening) and we then drove to the north end of town to the DMV.  I like it there.  It's in the flood plain of the river, so in order to build all the buildings there including a sweet art school campus (it's tiny...just two small dorms and the main building) and the practice field for the Titans.  The practice field looks like an inflated balloon.  Anyways, to building these buildings they destroyed wetlands, and that's bad, so as a law, for all the wetlands they destroyed, they had to create new wetlands.  There are tons of ponds and naturey areas all around everything.  AEGIS is there, which is a science lab I applied to once.  I was pretty bitter because I never got a response and I even talked to them at a job fair.  I'm glad now that I didn't get the job because it would be an hour long drive in rush hour traffic for me every day if I did work there.  At the DMV there was no line at it was super easy AND we remembered the check book, so we didn't have to pay an extra 3% to use our credit card.  The woman chatted the whole time about how she wanted siblings her whole life.

Last night Josh and I were going to play racquetball, and I decided it would be tons more fun to do it drunk.  So we started drinking, etc.  When we got there (the apartment club house...we didn't drive anywhere!) it was all locked up and we realized we needed a code to get in.  So we didn't play.  Even if we didn't drink, it gets locked up when the office closes at 5 (before I even got home), so no matter what we weren't going to play last night.

Josh and I did invent 2 comic strip characters, the emocorn and the emodillo, they are emo cousins of the Unicorn and the Armadillo.  I like armadillos a lot.  I also like hanging out with Josh a lot and not working a lot.

I pulled out one of my favorite black sweaters I got as a hand-me-down from my cousin Ashely back in highschool this morning, and it still is one of my favorites.  I used to wear it in high school b/c I was skinnier and my belly showed when I wore it.  Then long shirts under short shirts came into style and I wore it that way in college.  Then I didn't wear it for several years b/c I didn't buy and appropriate long shirts because I was poor and too busy to focus on fashion.  The other week I realized that the J.Jill Perfect Tanks are indeed truly amazingly perfect!  So I bought 4 or 5 of them in different colors and haven't looked back since.  I put the black sweater on top of the salmon (oops...currant, my mistake) colored tank top, and I looks so rich and skinny and shapely!  It's because the jeans I'm wearing are also they are $90...not 15$ from JCPenny 3 or 4 years ago like all my other jeans, and the tank top is 24$...not from the Target cleanance, and the sweater...even though it was a hand-me-down, it came from DKNY which is a super expensive store, so it was probably 60$ or so.  This is probably one of my most expensive outfits!  And since it looks so good on me, it only proves that paying more for quality clothes is totally worth it.  You just have to be smart and only buy what you need and make sure you are buying classic pieces.  Tim Gunn would totally agree with me.  What I do though is only buy clothes at stores I work at so I can get a 40% discount and be friends with people who buy lots and lots of expensive clothes.  I'm planning a shopping trip soon to the goodwill to get work pants and sweaters.  Since this is the Nashville goodwill, not the Fremont one, there is a higher chance of finding quality clothes and not free t shirts, that people donated.  I am incapable of buying only what I need and classic pieces, I like to own lots of clothes, so I have to shop appropriately.

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