Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fitting the Square into a Circle

Only me and one other girl are at work today for my end of the hallway/department.  Everyone else is either on leave or sick.  I wonder if I finish all my work today if tomorrow I could bring in my laptop and play WoW all day because I'll have nothing else to do.  Probably not.  There's ALWAYS more to do.

Hey the sun's coming out!

I rearranged my office a little and moved the computer screen to another part of my desk.  It took me 15 min to do.  It seemed like 5 min. to me though.  I had to unplug the screen and my phone.  I was worried that the phone would erase all it's memory and not be set up for my office anymore once I unplugged it, but it didn't.  I can't figure out my phone, it's a mix of old fashion phone buttons and digital buttons.  And there's no enter key.  How can you make something without an enter key?  The Enter Key is the YES DO THAT key.  It took me forever to figure out how to redial yesterday.  Infact I gave up once and had to try a second time.  Shit.  I just looked at it and there is the digital word "redial" on it. That was NOT there yesterday.  There is a Shift button...what in the world is that for?  And a Quit button, but no Enter button.  How can you have Quit but not Enter? It was probably made by an old person for an old person.  Only old people work in offices right?  yes.  That makes me old, and as proof...I cannot work the technology. 

Before Christmas Break I was finishing a handout I am making for work, and Lisa was helping me design the cover.  Apparently in the real world you can have things like color and designs and just use a template that word gives you, and it's okay.  You can't do that at school, white paper with Ariel or Times New Roman is the only way.  So I was trying to put the company logo on the cover, but all the saved versions of it have the circle design  in a white box.  This looks bad and unprofessional (the white corners of the box) on covers, and later I learned, company cards, and anything else the assistant has to make.  They wouldn't have this problem of a white box if they stopped using all the fancy colors and just stuck to white.  But anyways, I saw it on my cover sheet, and I was like, How do I make the square picture round?  La la la la la la la la...I press a few buttons, I wish I had photoshop....la la la la...Here it is the Make-The-Picture-A-Circle Button.  I swear to you in the newest version of Word there is one of those.  So I pressed it and BAM the white corners are gone.  I had to do a few adjustments (remove a border and a shadow) and it was done.  This apparently is the most impressive thing I've done since I've started working here...let me tell you.  There was a party in my office when I showed my supervisor how to do that. 

Back to me rearranging my desk, it's so much better now.  People can't see my computer screen from the door, and it's so much more comfortable to sit at it and work.  The whole arrangement is just better.  It always amazes me how little adjustments can make such large differences.  I learned this in our old apartment.  It took us several tries and probably one year of rearranging the furniture until we found the best formation.  AND my favorite part of it, the lazy boy chairs facing each other by the windows over looking the street with the world's tiniest table in between them, wouldn't never have happened if I didn't break my leg.  we set it up that way so I could look outside and sit down.  That tiny table became our dinner table and craft table.  Some day I hope to have a table to work at that doesn't require me to fold in half to get down to it.

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