Saturday, December 5, 2009


I drove my truck home today, alone, on the expressway.  That's right, I was brave.  What I am mostly worried about is the getting on the expressway and the merging, and this fear of getting on the expressway has definitely been validated.  There are so many people I see who get stuck in a lane that's ending because the douchebags next to them refuse to get over to let the merging person enter.  It even happened to me earlier this week! Fortunately I was in an exit only lane so I just took the exit.  It was a very horrible experience trust me.  But tonight in my truck it was not too bad. I was so proud that I stopped and bought some beer to drink.  Plus it's Saturday and I get to sleep in tomorrow.

This morning Josh and I went to a nursing home with people I work with to hand out christmas cards to old people.  It was one of the most terrifying things I've ever done.  I was so scared!  We would get off the elevator, and BAM 15 old people sitting around in wheel chairs doing nothing except watching the elevator or nothing.  One guy sang us a christmas song and he had one of the most beautiful and amazing singing voices I've ever heard.  Someone made people shadow boxes with keepsakes from the person's life to keep outside their door.  Those always made me want to cry because it was like seeing the persons whole amazing life all at once, and then knowing they were sitting in this building, alone, unable to be free, and forgotten about.  I'm kind of excited to be this old and be able to sit and relax for forever, but I am not at all excited because I don't want to do it if Josh isn't with me.

One of the old ladies fluffed Josh's goatee for him.  That was the best part.

Then I worked at J.Jill's all night.  That was fun even though I complained about it all day, but really like it once I get there. I helped a lady pick out some clothes. I actually brought her different sizes and clothes to the changing room and told her what I thought about the outfits.  Then I was paying attention to a mom and daughter...I was folding clothes and smiling at how funny they were being, and they left, and I said bye, and then the mom saw a sweater on a mannequin and wanted to see it in other colors, and so she and her daughter came back in, and tried on tons of clothes, and bought tons and then opened up a credit card!  Which is good for me because it's documentation that I am an awesome worker and am doing my job.

Oh, when I was helping the women open her credit card, I had to call someone to see if the woman already had a credit card account with J.Jill.  I don't really understand this process and I guess there are whole support teams to help the J.Jill store and credit card holders.  So I got on the line with an actual person, not a computer and she was like "Hi, my name is Lindy, how may I get your name please?" and I was like " name is Lindy."  She replied in a very skeptical tone of voice: "Your name is Lindy?"  Yes. Yes it is.  She is the first non-cheery Lindy I have met who wasn't excited to meet another Lindy.  I've even had mom's of people named Lindy come out of nowhere talk to me about my name.  But do you people act when you meet people with your same name? Is it weird? Do you feel like your identity is being stolen? Do you feel a little jealous or upset like someone is stealing something from you?

Last night I went out with some friends for one of them's birthday.  We watched the Nashville Christmas Parade.  It was pretty awesome.  There were fireworks and balloon floats and a decorated garbage truck float.  That one was my favorite.

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