Friday, July 30, 2010

Pick On Lindy Day

What will I talk about today?

Josh and I ate at Famous Daves for dinner tonight.  It was was no bbq from Elk City or anything, but it tried to be.  Once in Detroit my car over heated 2 blocks from the wedding I was going to at a Famous Dave's and I had to go to the bathroom soooo bad that I went in there.  We didn't know it was overheating that caused my car to stop running, we just knew that it stopped running.  It wasn't until the next summer, or maybe even 2 summer's later that we figured it out.  On the way down to Nashville.

Sometimes I miss my car and am always happy when I see other Ford Taurus's on the road.

Today, on the way into work, at the gate (yes, my parking lot is gated), some one had already opened it, so I sped up even faster than what I was going to get in, and then decided to keep the speed up and I took the short way to the back of the parking lot (it's technically, a one way, and I went the wrong way, but I looked first to make sure no one was coming or in the way, AND it's a very small very empty parking lot).  When I got inside the security guard told me that the camera's have speed reading meters on them and that I was going too fast and as building policy he was going to have to give me a 25$ ticket!  I was all "WHAT!  This place never tells me the rules until it's too late!"  Then Harrell stepped out of his hiding place and started laughing because it was all a joke!  The security guard was super good at pulling it off was the most believable thing I've heard from someone bs'ing.  

Then I went into my office and my coffee mug and water cup were missing!  I was sure it was Pick-On-Lindy Day and I couldn't find them at all.  A coworker asked me if I checked the cealing because he sticks things up there in my office (I have a firetruck and a penguin up there).  I already had and they weren't there.  I knew I left them in my office bc I hadn't washed them the day before, and was going to do it first thing.  Well I think the janitors had picked them up and washed them and left them in the dish drainer.  They've never done that before and I don't know why they started now.

And yesterday as I was leaving a hurry (which is why I didn't wash my cups), I stopped in the bathroom, and as I opened the stall door, I almost stepped on a large leggy spider.  And before I stopped myself, I screamed, grabbed my stuff and ran out of there.  Lots of people heard but not because I was terribly loud, but because the bathroom is echoes terribly.  The other security guard went in there and killed it, which was very nice of him.

I spent some time this week learning about task management and organization and I'm pretty excited to start seeing how it works on Monday.

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