Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Muffin Top, Mom Jeans, or FUPA? You Decide!

Friends.  Family.  Following.  World.  Today is a big day.  Today I went to Target to pick up my birth control after work.  This is big because I actually remembered on time and didn't have to make Josh do it.  Next, I still had one refill which I wasn't sure if I had or that was very good.

This is the GREAT part.... Yaz now comes in a generic brand!!!!  Do you know what that means?  Do you?  That means that I now pay $8.00 per month instead of $40.00 per month!!! O.M.G.  That's $96 per year instead of $480 per year!

I was so excited I bought new lipgloss and mascara AND my favorite beer...Negra Modela.  Okay, so I had picked those things out before I knew about the change, but now I could buy them guilt free!

Now, you ask, why would I want some lipgloss and mascara?  Well, besides the fact that it's waaaaay past time for me to get some...I would like to improve my professional appearance.  It's easier, I think, for me to look professional than for me to talk and act professional.  Plus if I look the part, then maybe I can get away with mistakes in my acting the part.  I even got a coupon for a haircutter and I asked the woman where I got the coupon if the haircutter is good or not.  She says she doesn't know, but she's going to try her...she also says the haircutter woman is a creative person.  That's exactly what I need...creative.  I want a more professional haircut than my long "immature" one I have now.  It's long and straight and I have bangs.  I was going for that look...the natural one...but I don't think it is helping me look older.  I think older would help me at my professionalism as well because I am very young and "immature" at work.  Finally, to improve my professional appearance, I am going to invest money into three outfits.  I may look at Tim Gunn's list of 10 items every woman should own because I trust him more than I trust anyone on TV.  He's definitely on my list of favorite famous people.

Here is what Tim says on jeans:

Jeans - Everyone has a pair of jeans, but does everyone have a pair of jeans that make them look great? The wider leg, low-rise jean style has been popular (and still is) but a narrower leg is coming back along with a higher waist, which eliminates the unflattering "muffin top" look.

Notice where he mentions the Muffin Top and then notice where he says Higher Waist....  Yes the Higher Waist eliminates the Muffin Top, but it also runs the very great risk of Mom Jeans or the FUPA.  I'd rather have a muffin top than the Mom Jeans look and especially a FUPA.  (FUPA: Fat Upper Pussy Area).  You just gotta be careful!

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Anonymous said...

I love my FUPA.