Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just An Update

Josh and I helped pick up and move a couch today.  We took the "back roads" the whole way, meaning no expressway.  It was down in Franklin, and I thought I've been to Franklin before, but really I haven't.  It was a beautiful drive full of the largest houses I've ever seen.  Some of them were definitely old plantation houses and some were newer.  Downtown Franklin was very nice and upscale with a lot of little boutique stores.  I really liked it, but there was tons of people and families out walking around.  Too many for me.  I'm getting tired of strangers.

The drive was quite wonderful because it was just Josh and I and all the windows down in my truck (no AC), and the radio on.  I love singing loudly in my truck!  I even got to tease Josh b/c he was driving and I don't like how he drives my truck.  There are always extra noises when he does so.  OH and I did something super smart.  He was holding his drink so he asked me to shift down, so I shifted it from third gear to second gear b/c that's shifting down.  I didn't taking him literally, which I do a lot when people ask me things, and it gets me in trouble.  Unfortunately, he was being literal and wanted me to physical move the shifter down to the fourth gear position.  I felt so smart for doing it the other way...  sort of like if I was able to get my left and right correct without having to think about it.  Which I can't do.

The couch was on the second floor and we had to remove the door to get it out.  But then when we got to it's new home, which was on the third floor, a very nice neighbor offered to help Josh carry it up, so I didn't have to help.  I liked that!

Don't worry, this was for a friend, not for us!  We do not need any more couches. 

Let's see, yesterday we didn't do too much.  We made lasagna from scratch with Josh's mom's recipe who got it from his Italian grandma.  Josh boiled the sausage in the sauce for hours before I even got home.  It's probably some of the best lasagna I've ever had.  We even cleared off the table and ate at it with a cloth napkin and wine.  I'm going to make the lasagna next and I'm going to boil bacon in the sauce and then lay that down with the noodles.  I wanted to do it this time, but Josh was all about doing it authentic style.  That's the problem with marrying an Italian really,  we can only eat Italian food if it's going out to any old Italian restaurant, ever.

Tomorrow we are going to wake up early and help some friends (the one's who go the couch) move more of their stuff.  I'm kind of excited because there will be donuts.  Good ones.  Also, I will be moving and exercising and working hard.  I don't actually do much to feel like I accomplish things any more, so I'm excited to do so tomorrow.

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