Saturday, July 24, 2010

Things in List Form

A List Of Things:

1.  Just Click Here  And no it won't bring you to a music video of Rick Astley, I promise.
2.  Go ghetto, drink Orange Kool-Aid and vodka - it's sorta like a screw driver!
3.  Freak your cat out, put him in the bedroom and then remove the couch from the house
4.  Read Pride and Prejudice and then watch the movie!  Decide which character you are most like
5.  MSG:  The Flaaavaaa Enhancaaaa!
6.  If you like good Adult Swim shows, watch Archer on Netflix play it now, now.  If you don't like Adult Swim due to it's language, adult situations, and violence...don't watch Archer.
7.  My truck is awesome... and it's attracted a Narcissistic bird that likes to smear poop all over the side mirrors. Yay.
8.  Deep Impact is just like Armagedon, only it lacks action, a love story, and that funny scene in Armageddon where they ask to never pay taxes again.
9.  Despite the fact that Deep Impact is clearly a 90's movie, Morgan Freeman plays the President...making it more relevant to today than you can imagine.
10.  Deep Impact also has Frodo in it 
11.  If you fear the apocolypse (or hope for it!) I suggest you stock up on Slim-Rites.  Trust me.

(Side note to the list here:  Deep Impact for some reason unknown to Josh or I was at the top of our Netflix Que, and sent out to us by 8am the day after I mailed the old movies out...that's why we had it)

12.  Harry Reid is the Senate Majority Leader and from Searchlight, Nevada.  I've been there.
13.  I prefer an older Robert Downey Jr. (Ironman) to the younger one from the 90's (Heart and Souls)
14.  The movie Heart and Souls, which you should watch! definitely left an impression on me and I think about certain parts of it during specific situations and has influenced my life, and caused me to expect many things from life that did not actually happen.  But that's fine...I never became a business woman and I did not marry a business man...and my expectations were based on a movie I saw when I was like 12.  But it is a hilarious and heart warming movie...even if Robert Downey Jr. has 90's fluffy hair. It's on my list of Comfort Movies.
15.  I've also always disliked Hugh Grant's fluffy hair from the 90's as well
16.  I need a haircut or something
17.  Ackbar trips out to Jimmy Hendrix and some other techno music too
18.  Ackbar thinks he's all indifferent and "cool" but really he's kinda nerdy and not very good at being agile.
19.  The Yarn Harlot is my favorite blog to read.
20.  For dinner I had a fried egg, fried delicious potatoes, and a tomato.

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